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User Review

Awesome! - Reviews Mesa Boogie V-Twin

Handbuilt in the USA
2 Channels, 3 Modes (Clean, Blues & Solo)
Mode Assignment Switches
Gain, Master, Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence (Universal)
Bypass Switch
Clean Gain Adjustment Control
Record / Headphone Out
External Switching Inputs


The manual is very clear and well done, at the same time, there is nothing really complicated to explain!
like to pedal ca .... is not a gas plant! just use his ears and in any event it sounds live.


I mostly play stuff saturates but a bit of everything and even when AC was a big surprise! I never think a preamp can be comfortable in ALL styles! Whether it's jazz, funk, rock, blues, metal (even very beefy!), It makes everything! ... However I very versatile guitar that gives me a wide range of sounds (5 position selector 3 + humbucker with split filter medium) ... everything happens ... it's almost unbelievable! Also like what I read, the pedal did not have enough gain for the metal?! ... Well I play death more often and I do not even need to add an OD, EQ after or anything ... just the preamp to him a meme!
but with a TS9 or maxon808, it works very well too.

I tested on 2 PowerAMP has one lamp (mesa 50) and a very cheap behringher an amp (the amp ultrarock viel return dun!), Always on my custom 4x10 cabinet ... even if the lamp rings necessarily more "organic living" with the behringer preamp sounded really good ... which attests to the quality of the preamp.

simulates the output is also excellent ... it sounds just like a mesa transplanted. No need for IR or anything (unless you want a particular color well). Plugs into the sound card, you can record live with a very good sound!


I just spent 15 days above background (not that there is need much time to test the preamp ... far from it!) ... And I do not understand why Mesa has stopped producing this pedal They can be ... was afraid to self-compete, so they had created a great product ... I bought 250 euros and if it may seem expensive to some size for a preamp pedal when ... we play it, it's 100% satisfaction. Nothing to do with the stupidity of the current pedal is called "shop" at the same price a few exceptions that are near the wind as we serve!
Here is finally a portable preamp and sounds for everything, without having to add .... this is just perfect! I am so convinced that I can be even buy another one very soon ... just in case!

The only "problem" is inherent to the format ... if you need to spend to clean crunch and saturated ... we must turn to the rack version or so if like me you want the pedal for practical reason, when this happens, simply do a crunch and OD preamp to keep clean and saturates

With this preamp is faultless for Mesa. 10/10