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User Review

clone some idiot mackie big knob - Reviews Behringer Xenyx Control1USB

clone mackie big knob, even errors (routing), price more tight mdocre quality audio USB interface and more


clicks recurring usb audio with win7-64 WDM or live sound


strange audio routing (output studio - pregnant - condemns the 2 headphone output faade, the risk of a feedback obvious ...), not self-Sun on the talkback ...


A great product not well thought out while a plethora of connectivity dimension dear ... for a questionable functionality me it seems!
From the point of view of sound quality, has left its level of quality between range (you lose things in passing, for sure!), Similar Manire the "r frence "Mackie.

Even when there are good points: integrates power supply, good construction, look for pots / cool buttons with lots of Enlightenment in diffrentes color !!

I remain of, especially given that the brand offers for 80 euros less: I hope that with almost 2 x the price, they could foresee a intreressant midrange .. .dropoff window