I recently replaced the USB-b port for my Focusrite 2i2 1st gen, as the original port had wonky contact pins. After that, I connected the device to the computer, but it did not show up in devices. The only indication of the interface receiving power; was the one time blink when the USB was initially connected, small green USB connection light and the red light for the phantom power button. When I plug my functional mics into the ports, the port indicators do not light up.

Does not show up on "my devices" (under "Focusrite Audio" there is only a "USB Audio Root")

In my programs, the only Focusrite application is called "Focusrite USB 4.36.5"... I am not sure if I am missing a program.

I've tried:
re-installing the driver
resoldering port with flux
uninstalling Michael Tippachs'AISO4ALL (apparently, that clashed with some of Focusrite's drivers)
plugging into different USB ports: eg: 2.0 and 3.0

Thanks in advance for any tips.