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User Review

nofuturenocore's review - MOTU MicroBook

In theory it sounds good "Motu". And bah not.


Two engineers have its advisable to me that mark.
I regret having cost.
I do not know or just the rputations of this trademark.

- M # rde Customer Service
- Quality of m # rde

I reu the MicroBook 2 there 6 months.

The first model was a defective encoder, completely useless, really boring when it is for adjust the volume of the main output.
Jai reu the SECOND model on this one it prevents me to work correctly with my MIDI synth while everything works perfectly with the old rotten completely integrates his card from my acer cardboard ...

Serious in addition to being the by this brand I'm really nerv see 2 defective products has arrived later at home. Be I'm just unlucky this card is really #@@# ...

To avoid such as HIV.


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