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User Review

Ideal interface for reproduction. - Reviews MOTU MicroBook

Value For Money : Correct
Table mix integrated and comprehensive enough (solo, mute, slider level bargraph for each mix and final out. No insert possible.
Equal and compression and pre out
No treatment with PC, the DSP hardware and once settled by software, if this card is connected to another PC, it keeps its settings ...

Sound quality headphones (tested on Seinheizer HD 280) and finished very detailed

Stability of drivers tested in WIN7 64b and solid.


WIN7 64bit drivers for super stable
No special software as a musician but Harman Kardon output directly by SPDIF

Latency with MIDI piano, 4 ms as possible without cracking.

I also tested with a microphone shure (SM558), the equalizer 7-band parametric perform miracles and also the compressor, except that it is not multi-band, but again, it's a card for me used for breeding and not the musical conception. (We must stop believing you can do with pro sound cards that this is not the segment.)
For a musician stage alone or accompanied by a piano, it should do the job, be careful not MIDI, but you can buy a separate MIDI interface.


Easy installation, no problems with the software provided with the attached cdrom
PDF manual and video

Supports easily stop the PC and restarting will be done automatically without losing the flow USB, I can not say much on the Fast Track, which likes to win as soon as she can (the drivers are very unstable on both XP and Vista that WIN 7 especially the big bug of the 24-bit compatible PC to Fast Track: See Rican forums for info).

For microbook, no problem for the 24 bit 48 Khz, software designers have apparently worked well.
SPDIF output always active and reproducing the MAIN (practice)

Pay attention to the USB bandwidth (70% required for microbook, you can not plug in another card at the same time without having to make adjustments.


Quality of the bass and midrange treble, nothing to do with an M audio Fast track
If I had to mix in the caf conc ', I'll take the Ultra lite MOTU MK3
Value decent price compared to other brands offered.

My Klipsch speakers show no resonance across the spectrum, which is a sign of good performance in signal phase, as soon as you touch the Equal, the sound can become very large and dense without losing impact.

For recording, the 48 kHz sampling is somewhat limited, but I have not bought for that.

Ha detail that kills: there is a loop back which allows the use Audacity from the sound card and also benefit adjustments and a total absence of noise on the recording of a radio station for example, is not easy to find how to return the sound card to the PC, but it works.

In the end, I find this almost perfect interface for the use I make, to do more and more complicated, we must go upmarket (audio express ultralite ...)