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User Review

Imperfect - Reviews RME Audio Babyface

Using PC with Windows 7 Pro x64. Focal CMS-65.

I made this choice encouraged by my excellent experience with the RME Fireface 400.
RME is part of the manufacturers that I trust.

FireWire is carried away, the USB to continue, choose a USB interface seemed sensible.


The drivers are stable.
Composition for use with Ableton Live VST.
Latencies are good as usual with RME.


The installation at RME is what I call a copy: a wiring simple. The drivers require installation manual (I prefer it to an installer whose operations may sometimes seem obscure).
The manual is also excellent, very thorough and understandable.

I encountered major problems with this interface with my PC.
In fact, this interface is rather conceived for laptop and my desktop I have a problem of mass (ground loop).

Clearly, I have a noise (bzz) on my lower continuous output only with my monitors connected (no guitar, no mic). The fireface 400 in the same configuration worked perfectly without any noise.
RME on the official forum, I saw that I was not the only one to encounter the same problem. Several options, depending on the configuration of each. In my case, a direct box is required. : (


I use it for 2 weeks and finally, contrary to the advice read on the internet. The audio quality is down to the Fireface 400.

The Babyface and Fireface UC share the same converters (Apogee Duet same as it should appear?) Are slightly lower than the Fireface 400/800. The Fireface UCX / UFX converters have better qualities than their elders Fireface 400/800.

I regret slightly my purchase which was to replace my Fireface 400 interface to enjoy a more modern and advanced ergonomics and TotalMixFX. I won ergonomics, gained slightly in latency, lost in I / O.

And above all, I must buy a direct box (ART DTI some advise on the forum RME). This does not enchant me add a little box in the middle of my string output, I have no regrets qu'RME integrated management of this mass natively the Babyface.

I do not keep very long.

For those who have the budget Babyface: MOTU Ultralite prefer.
The wealthy: go on a UCX RME.