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User Review

Overall sound is good, and works great with Cubase - Reviews Steinberg UR28M

The Steinberg UR28M connects to computer via USB connection. The audio quality is very transparent and clean when using it. It also gave me latency free monitoring and came with a copy of Cubase AI 6 software and a few plug ins and VST’s which were a huge plus to have. This interface will work with a Mac or a Pc computer and the specs don’t even need to be that powerful.


Setting this interface up took no time at all, though I didn’t like using it in Cubase though because during the time I was not a Cubase user. This interface is smaller and cannot be racked, but it looks good on the desktop workspace that I had it sitting on and it didn’t take up much room. This is not powered by a USB port and did take a wall wart plug. I think they could have made it solely USB powered and it would have added a lot more value to it.


The sound quality you will get with this interface will be different for everyone. It really depends on your microphone and ability to EQ. I did have to do some cutting of a lot of low frequencies with this interface because it had a lot of added noise on the low end for some reason and I am pretty sure it wasn’t the microphone causing these problems.


This interface has a nice look to it, and it has 5 smaller knobs and one master or main knob. Each knob is made out of solid materials and doesn’t feel cheap. The UR28M wouldn’t be my first choice in interfaces in the 400 dollar price range. But it would probably be in my top 5 in the 400 to 450 price range. Being that it is a Steinberg interface it will work seamlessly with Cubase though. So Cubase lovers will love it!