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User Review

i use fm8 alot - Reviews Native Instruments FM8

I have been using FM 8 for about a year now and I can say its going really good for me. There are a lot of options that you have to change they way the synths and other sounds come out and its all right in FM 8 and no need to do to much in the mixer.


FM 8 runs like a charm on my Windows XP laptop , and my laptop is pretty old so I didn’t expect it to run so smooth on it so I decided just to keep it on there so I can always have fm 8 with me when im not at home. FM 8 also hasn’t ate up all of my cpu and I have used up to 10 different channels with it at the exact same time and even using sounds with a lot of effects still didn’t slow anything down . For some reason this could be one of the better programs as far as cpu usage goes. Some of the Other Native Instruments VST’s that I have used can get pretty harsh to your cpu but FM 8 is the complete opposite.


Buying this didn’t come individually for me , I cant remember what I paid for the bundle but it came with 3 or 4 different vst’s from Native Instruments and FM 8 is probably one of the ones that I use the most. I always have it open on at least 1 channel in FL and I have even used it in Logic before to on a friends system and it runs great (the same way it runs for me on my xp laptop). There really isn’t anything bad to say about FM8 except I wish it had some more sounds or presets. Maybe even some more authentic sounds like some real sounding strings and guitars. Not so much synth sounding presets. I would like FM 8 to at least add some more authentic sounding sounds just so that I can do everything right with FM8. I wish there was just one vst that had all the cool synths and all the authentic sounding instruments all in the same vst and by Native Instruments. Well maybe they do but I havent found it it.