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User Review

Solid, stable synth - Reviews Native Instruments FM8

There were no compatibility issues getting Native Instruments' FM8 installed and running in my DAW, Ableton Live 8 (there is a stand-alone version as well). As with Absynth and Massive, FM8 is a bit complicated to get the hang of at first. I approached this problem in the same manner for each new interface: load up a number of the presets and study them, disabling certain parameters and finding out how each affectation of the signal was being processed. Then creating a new sound and employing those same techniques on something original. It teaches you a lot about synthesis and sound design so be ready to learn a thing or two. That being said, this is one of the few programs I would really encourage you to check the manual for. If you're having issues or want to figure something out, it's pretty straightforward and accessible, just don't expect it to make your sounds for you. The manual can only do so much.


FM8 works flawlessly on my MacBook Pro's 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7 processor with 4GBs of RAM. I've been using the plug-in for about a year now and have never had any issues with crashing or excessive CPU usage. As far as performance goes, this FM synthesizer can create some seriously massive sounds. Skrillex is noted as being a huge FM8 fan for its practically endless capabilities. Not to mention the sounds he has been producing with it have been earth-shattering in the electronic music community. Suffice it to say it is very easy to map to a midi controller and is capable of producing a wide range of very dynamic, expressive sounds that can all be manipulated live if need be.


Overall Native Instruments' FM8 is a must-have soft synth if your budget and patience allow it. Once purchased, you will certainly be faced with the intimidating task of understanding and being able to manipulate the interface, but worry not, with a few weeks practice you will be making some very cool original sounds. Who knows, maybe if you spend enough time with it you will be the one making ground-breaking sonic experiences. Whatever the case may be, I recommend exploring this software's capabilities and immersing yourself in another great synthesizer by Native Instruments.