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User reviews on Virtual Rack/Host for Plug-in products

Very good!!! (Blue Cat Audio - PatchWork)

By Reno-Theplankton, 05/12/2014
I first bought this plug-in to be able to use my VSTs in ProTools 11, which only supports AAX.

It's very easy to get familiar with it, I haven't needed a manual, it's pretty didactic.

It is really well though-out, the routing possibilities are unlimited: A chain of plug-ins (PRE) linked to one or more parallel chains and ends in a chain of plug-ins in series (POST).

It would've been nice to be able to rename the macros!

However, I must say that the guys at Blue Cat are really responsive: A soon as I got the plug-in I suggested it would be nice to be able to change the name of the macros, which isn't possible yet, but it will be in the next update! THANK YOU!

It's worth noting that it consumes very little resources and that it makes no difference in terms of resource-consumption whether you use the plug-ins directly in the DAW or you use Patchwork.

It's also very handy for people who like presets: You can make customizable Channel Strips with your favorite plug-ins, for instance!
Or even a "home-made" multi-band compressor with several of your favorite compressors and the filters to go with them...

In short, the possibilities are HUGE.

I didn't give it the perfect mark because nothing is perfect, but it will certainly deserve it after several updates (which are pretty common from Blue Cat, it's nice to have a plug-in in constant evolution).

Essential ... but what the fuck. (Apple - Mainstage 3)

By Nico53, 29/08/2014
Install again ... even if there is an existing 32/64 bit really difficult transition ... with plugins that do not pass, forcing to find alternative sometimes fairly average face an increased need for reliability for uses "live" .
Let's say it's a blessing in disguise when you have a low memory and you want to use the config.

General Setup ... must read the manual online to understand the intricacies of MIDI routing. The air of nothing, this app at a very affordable side, and at the same time, it is very complete, so we sometimes come across wacky situations with MIDI messages that pass through nowhere ... and then watching Mainstage closer we usually ended up finding out why.
The manual is also non-existent ... (on the internet) ... and that's a shame in my opinion.


my config:
Mac mini 2.3GHz Core i7, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 500GB HDD 5400 rpm / min ...
My DD is rotten ... I would aim a good SSD for faster load time my session mainstage which always takes a beating down ... me finally, lack of means I'm happy for now.
I use a scarlett 18i20 as audio / MIDI interface.

I have my live set that rotates essentially Mainstage Reason 3 and 7, with a lot of virtual instruments (those mainstage Sampletank + / Miroslav Philharmonik, Crystal, Native B4II) ... I just have a prophet 08 for some sounds that I wanted.
Keyboards are a big enough piece of the project. vacuum my RAM shows a use that is around 15% in mainstage ... I'm a big 50% once everything is loaded (a 10aine songs for 30 or 35 patches).
It is fairly stable in terms of what I claim I'm not complaining. I admit that I would have more peace of mind with a spare me ... finally, I can not afford to buy a double kit, so I try to take risk appetite; p


I used already mainstage since version 1 ... and bha was a long way, this is undeniable.
After the shit mainstage 2 and incomprehensible updates, this version 3 seems to keep its promises, it's nice!

I tested cantabile PC ... nothing to see. Mainstage is well ahead ... and there is no direct competitor that offers such a workflow on Mac for such a tariff. This is really powerful as a tool.

The value for money is unbeatable if you exclude the purchase price of the mac (haha) ... I dream of the day when a PC editor finally consider the potential of these ordis for live use ... it will allow me to change creamery and optimize my budget to buy a spare ... yet, we can always dream that Apple lowers the price of its machines (I think I can stick my finger in the eye).

I hesitated to build my kit around a Kronos (a member of my group asked me) ... but laziness and disinterest ergonomics Korg, I opted for Mainstage.
Finally, as I speak a lot in the phases of compounds in Logic and Reason, I can get a lot of things between the phase and the live compo portage ... it saves a lot of time today, even if I 'I put a lot of time tweaking the settings on my kit so that everything works perfectly. I have no regrets for the time being. Hope it lasts and no serious crash do not change my mind ...

The best software investment I have made (VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) - Vienna Ensemble PRO 5)

By demozic, 16/11/2013
No worries, having already Vienna Ensemble Pro 4.
(See my previous review VEP4:
VEP4 was enough for me, but I went to VEP5 PT10/11 to be compatible with the new format and AAX plug.


Same as VEP4.
VEP5 adds support:
- The multi-channel,
- The automation of plugs "teleported"
- The ability to send audio signals from the host software to any instance of VEP and therefore apply treatments via plugs "teleported" on a server,
- Transport control (play / stop via the space bar) from any server (hyper function useful when, like me, you share mouse / keyboard via network).
Note that the "offline bounce" of PT11 works fully with VEP, even with virtual instruments.


No complaints. This software is a safe bet.
Excellent support product development team at the top and made very frequent updates.
The best investment software that I have done:
In addition to all its benefits before it allowed me to load and virtual instrument plug-ins in Pro Tools 64-bit 8/9/10 (32-bit only) and now it allows me to load 32-bit plug-ins in a host 64 bits (PT11).
It just still lack support for VST plug-ins on Mac (AU only) and therefore a lack of compatibility between servers created on a Mac that can not be opened on a PC (or vice versa). In common usage, however, it does not pose a major bp (most VST plug-ins are available in AU).

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