icon_exorbite.gif I've put so much time into trying to use multiple Presets over multiple Tracks via 1 instance of Proteus VX within Cubase LE5 and LE1.

Below is a cut/paste from page 16 of the Proteus VX User Manual:



It is the very last line, that suggests this is a work-around to use multiple Proteus Voices/presets via 1 instance for the Cubase LE family (Full Cubase does not have this problem).


icon_crying1.gif Anyone have any ideas as "How to correctly do this trick in Cubase LE (1-5)?" I've entered Program Changes in the "List Editor" and only the track with the initialized ProtVX made any sounds.  I could see input data on the Prog Chgd Trck but- no Synth sounds came through ProtVx.


Thanks in advance for any ideas & help.