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User reviews on Warmer/analog simulator products

Warm it up! (Antares Audio Technology - Avox Warm)

By stompboxjon, 13/01/2013
Warm is a plug in made for Macs and PC’s, it is a very universal plug in that is not only very affordable but it can work with just about any program that is on the market like Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton and a bunch of others. It is very light on your CPU and hard disk space and only takes minutes to install. I purchased this directly from a retailer online and got a link to download it within a few minutes. From the time that I purchased it to the time that I started using it was no more than 15 minutes which was great!


Warm is very easy to use and it has a ton of great features for it to only cost 50 bucks! It is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to warm up your tracks. There are two tube models that are based off of Antares award winning analog tube technology. I have been using this for a few months and I was absolutely shocked on how good it could make things sound for this price.


I have used this on a number of different computers and operating systems and it works great. I even have an old Windows XP laptop from 2005 and it works great with it. It is not as fast on that computer though but it is due to the laptop itself and not Antares Warm.

Buy it now! (Slate Digital - VCC Virtual Console Collection)

By JimboSpins, 26/02/2013
The Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection is truly analog! It comes with 2 plug ins and you can use them on a PC or a Mac and you will not have any issues running them as a VST, RTAS, or AU. Using these two plug ins is very easy because of the interface. They have given my tracks some depth and great stereo separation with minimal effort on my part. One of my favorites is the API because it delivers a large sound on my drums and makes them sound huge. I will not do many drums without this plug in anymore because once I started using it, there is no way I can go back to having my drums go back to how they were before.


Installing these plug ins was quick and simple. I have them on my Mac running OS X 10.6 and they have never given me any issues. I have not seen a manual for them, but learning them was not hard. The slate Virtual Channel has only 6 knobs and a few channels and channel settings that can all be edited and controlled. The Slate Virtual MixBuss has only two knobs and a group on/off switch. In order for me to really understand these plug ins I just had to start working with them and not be too technical. I was able to see immediate how both of them affected my sound. They brought color, depth, and stereo width to my tracks and I am very impressed with it. The price is very affordable as well making it a must have for anyone who makes music at home and wants to really put the finishing touches on their music.


I love working with the Virtual Channel and have it on pretty much every single mixer track in my projects. My computer can handle it with no problem because it uses very little CPU. It is a 64 bit plug in but can also be used in the 32 bit plug in form. With the four models (VCC) Brit 4K, Brit N, USA and Pi, it makes it a must have for anyone who wants to learn mixing or someone who is already solid at mixing and needs some good plug ins.

It has become indispensable (Slate Digital - VCC Virtual Console Collection)

By 12monkeysonthemoon, 20/08/2014
No installation problems, as always with Slate Digital.
Clear and comprehensive manual available for download. Simple setup.


I have a Mac Pro i7 4770k with 32 Gb ram and an SSD. I can easily use an instance on each track and mix without any problems.
No issues during operation and everything seems stable.


I've been using it for some months. This small jewel has become indispensable and it's only second place in my plug-in chain (after VTM). Console emulations are very satisfying.
My favorites are API and Neve, the API due to its aggressiveness and clarity, the Neve due to its depth and lows.

Right now, its only negative point is the incompatibility with ProTools 11 and the AAX, which is still in development

To sum it up:
Yes, I would buy it again and it's only due to this plug-in that I still use ProTools 10 even though I have a ProTools 11 license....

News Warmer/analog simulator

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