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Perhaps one of the tops of polyphonic, but ... - Reviews Roland Jupiter-8

(I should note that this notice is not complete yet)).

Everything has been said about the features!


Simple slider = a / knob by parameter.
This does not mean that opportunities are not very important in synthesis for an analog (non-modular, but polyphonic).


I think the sound is "rough", very raw, very restrained compared to a Prophet 5 for example because more stable at the VCO (more Japanese sound).
The envelopes are particularly fast
It is very versatile, but it will send a multi-purpose external to a satisfactory result, except for the sounds "bass synth" which can be sufficed themselves (like all analog).


I had in my "youth" (1997-1998) during a year: at the time I was not experienced enough to really master it, I bought it used more by "fantasy" (as many here) and I was a bit disappointed necessarily, "it's nice to play it, but how to integrate it easily into a component?" especially at the time I did not have a good level of play and more than did their virtual appearances: "What is certain is death hardware synthesizers, even analog!" (Quote from a vendor Piano Show at that time).
So I sold ...

I really wanted to give my opinion that if it's a great synth in absolute prices seem disproportionate now (mostly because it is hard to find!).

After all we can do most basic analog sounds (the most useful part of a component) with a Juno 60 (I see that gasp!).

We want to keep it for its sound but seeing the prices soar, it's probably too tempting to resell ("fatigue", lack of money and whim: to whom does it not happen ?) saw huge profit there is to it (I do not quote anyone).

In my opinion, unless collector or afford the prices secondhand no longer justified.