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JUPITER 8, 'the great' - Reviews Roland Jupiter-8

This is an 8 voice or cleavable Stackable 2 x 4 votes.
For voice, he has 1 LFO, VCO 2, 2 filters (HPF, VCF), 1 VCA, 2 envelopes.
It has a pretty nice arpeggiator.
The keyboard is 5 octaves, not dynamic.
It has 64 modifiable memories and memories Thurs 8

It is not original MIDI, but can be equipped with a MIDI interface and some allow to add the dynamic pressure.

I have noted that 'good' for this section, because of the limitations of origin, but that can pass 'perfect' by equipping it with a good MIDI interface, such as Groove Electronics, society unfortunately disappeared .


It was designed with exemplary ergonomics: a button, a function, in addition, controls are arranged in a logical way, according to the diagram of the machine. It 'sees' what you do.

The instructions are very clear and detailed.

Editing sounds is easy, but take the time to 'dig', because the settings are interactive.

From my experience, it is very robust, never crashed.


The sound is great and 'living', the JP8 has a 'big' sound, fishing, definitely.
This is not 'squeaker squeaker' is Star Wars.

Envelopes know to be very fast, and the filter is superb, allowing beautiful sweeps, modulation, metallic silky sheets ...
The sound is very bright, with a strong personality, very expressive.
It allows a wide range of sounds, as long as you take the trouble to program sounds, and not just factory sounds like too often.

My set is my lead synth, this is not the kind to stay behind, 'contained'.


I since its release, it had cost me an arm at the time, but I do not regret it.
It was sold off for a while, because it was neither South nor dynamic, but this is not the case now, especially with a good MIDI interface can overcome these drawbacks.

It is true that it has become very expensive and highly sought after, but there have been only 3000 made, and some have disappeared.

It has its incomparable, 'living', a JP8000, for example, can not find.