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User Review

Best analogue poly-synth ever? - Reviews Roland Jupiter-8

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
The JP8 is one piece of gear I will never part with. Its sound is huge (or thin if desired), warm and very useful for any kind of music. As a composer of film music and new age, I really like the slowly drifting string sounds with a litte filter growl on the bottom end. I just love the sound of the JP8.

I own a pre-DCB unit, so MIDI-fying it is a bit of a problem. I couldn't get myself to cutting holes in my beloved synth anyway...

Tweeking your sounds is a breeze! Just turn the knob or shift the lever to the desired position and you will be instantly gratified with the sonic results. This is the true power of analogue synthesizers: its hands-on editing.

As these synths get older (production year 1983) you're bound to run into some foults like memory loss because of the empty battery that needs to be replaced. It's not unlikely that some mechanical faults will happen in time. I had to replace a voice-chip myself in 1997. As spare parts are getting more rare by the year, it is good to keep that in mind and service your unit regularly.

Is this the best analogue polyphonic synthesizer ever? Considering the other synths from the early 80s, I'd say ' Yes'! It is stable (after warming up and using the auto-tune), built like a tank and meant to last, and it has all the sonic power you'll ever need.