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User Review

Excellent sound and ease of use - Reviews Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

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The use is obvious.
I agree with the others in the set.
However, two or three details that warrant further examination:
- I had to return the XLR output jack for my elbow came back under my feet is not much to do, but hey, at least the angled jack is from the cable to the front of the stage and so I not be stepped on.
- Mini boost button is a trap! Indeed, when pressed, the sound takes and we gain a stronger or slightly saturated sound. It can be useful to a passage where the bass should be highlighted ... but how to support it without crouching and fiddling hand gear. No interest in that.
- The effects loop has caused me a lot of trouble. I programmed three sounds in each bank 1 to 3 Passing Channel A to B, I kept the same config, but including the effects loop. I put an MS-60b. This loop is AFTER amplification and therefore sends a signal foolish in the multi-effects thus produced what is commonly called ... well shit! There has Mike Putnam offering for $ 60 to move the loop prior to amplification, but it must send its VTBD next to Buffalo, NY, USA ... Actually, no I will not do it, I'll m ' buy a small looper to ride myself in Musikding and will be connected upstream. End of sketch. Advantage not to use the effects loop, so I can book the "Channel B" versions of my banks to boosted version of my sounds, so I also corrects the failure of boost.

All's well that ends well, but what a pain to get there ...


I do not use the character beyond 12 (+/- dirty distortion). The sounds are large, with lots of body. I love it! I confirm that indicated by the other.

The only downside is the use of the effects loop (see above).


I use it for almost 1 year and half is the centerpiece of my pedalboard. It set me preamp, DI box, booster, equalizer and it beautifies my different bass sounds. It is great when used properly and understanding some small details which may appear insignificant.

It's expensive, but when you love ...