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The knife Swiss luxury bassist:) - Reviews Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

DI and amp simulator SVT.
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Output Jack
Effects loop
It can be powered by 9V battery, a DC adapter or by phantom power on XLR.
6 Perset if you use a programmable input.
or 3 presets for bass instruments with bass if 2 are connected to the inputs A and B
bypass available for each preset.
EGAIS severe acute medium.
Drive, character and level.

A ground lift, a boost for the output jack, and a pad for the XLR output

It's built like a tank (metal shell).

There is everything in this box,


Operation is extremely simple, and the manual is short and efficient!
Editing sounds is super easy: You turn the knobs, and soon it'll kick a doube-cli, forgiveness, a double-kick, and it registered!


So, I say live, that thing got a hole in the c * s!

I connected a Vigier Excess Indus and the character of my database is quite well respected.
I go in my Bousin Lexicon I-ONIX FW810S via XLR and Phantom in alimentatn

I also have an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro.
The two have nothing to do. The SVT3 sounds very modern, while VT Bass is more old school and friendly.

When I received it, I susi first programmed a good clean sound, and much faster than I could have done with the Retail Banking, which I had before.
Tested over a piece of Lacuna Coil is convincing.

Second reference tone: Wratchild Iron Maiden, and then in 2-stroke 3 movements, I get the sound. Wow! To think they have locked an old SVT in a small box on 20cm 10cm.

Ultimate test: the repeats!
I plug in a Poweramp SVT450h with which I had never managed to get the sound I liked, and miraculously! No need to type much, it happens nickel in the mix (We play metal). What you need serious without it puke, mediums super beautiful, treble present but not aggressive. And a bold and warmth typically Ampeg.

There's a compression in the sound (like the natural compression of a tube amp that is pushed).
A good momentum is still conserved.
And slap, it was fishing but without the aggressive acute SVT450H.

I put a delay in effects loop, which turns out to be very transparent

All the nuances of the game are there, the mids and highs come out with beautiful and natural. The drive can have this little warm saturation characteristic of Ampeg. Let me tell you that I took my foot at this again (and everybody got along better than usual.



I use it for 2 weeks.
I had the Retail Banking before that was fine, but do not let me forget.

What I like most:
- The connectivity provided very
- The easy programming
- Sound Killer
- Strength

What I like least:
- Nothing.

Qrapport the quality: price is right. It is worth its price for the design, and I'd say it's a very good offer in view of the exemplary quality.

With experience, I would do this choice, wouthit hesitate half a second!