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User Review

igdidier's review - Ampeg B200r

200 w
Pramp lamp
transistor amplifier
function activated: ultra low, mid, and high
3 settings: bass / midle / treble
level of use of pramp: 2 LED 1 green and 1 red
a gain and a Master's it


You turn it all afternoon and it Up!
we find its settings in 5 minutes
simpler you die
WARNING: the head is connected to a jack HP 2-shot possible: with and Without horn horn.
default is to connect with horn, if you meets on Without horn: the amp pete! fuses HS, HS head, there's more in return Ampeg
I'm not the first to have this problem, it is supposedly rgl, but I bought mine there aa few months and boom!


Warm, clean, trs rock: deep bass and clear treble remaining trs
I play with a passive JazzBass 75. trs they go well together ...
I was looking for an amp without X miles buttons and have the amplitude (the whole lamp is too expensive for me).
I just put a compressor Ehancer Berhinger Composer Pro Xl front, for 60 euros a chance it really gives the potato


Seems less powerful than other 200W
I use it for 2 months, I have a peavey TNT: nothing to see now does not forgive any mistakes.
I tried in the range of 500-800 euros Hartke, Markbass, Ashdown,
I have not found the warmth, simplicity and it's vintage.
Compact and No lugging heavy trs, with wheels
A try before you buy of course! but do not forget.
I welcome this choice! It suits me perfectly
I correct: given the problem and the default described above: I suggest you test the two positions in the store before you buy