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User reviews on Bass Pre-amp products

I really dig it! (Two Notes Audio Engineering - Le Bass)

By batmad, 14/04/2018
Hi all,

I’ve owned it since it came out.
I played it live at La Cigale, an important venue in Paris.

I play an active Fender Precision in genres close to Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire (even though they don’t have a bass player). Needless to say I like a bass sound to be very heavy and aggressive, with a nice compression.

I’m very happy with that purchase.
The A amplification gives the low frequencies a huge punch, while the B channel provides very aggressive mids.
The possibility to mix both channels is a real asset for this pedal as it allows to keep channel A’s precision while distorting it using channel B.
For my live sets, I keep channel A on at all time and add B or another distortion (Moof MF Drive) for passages where I need to sound louder.

The only cons I’ve found so far is that the two switches are located a bit close to each other, so when in a hurry you sometimes end up pressing the wrong one. It also causes problems when intending to switch the both of them on or off, as sometimes only one of them gets switched.

It seems sturdy and well-built, but we’ll see how it ages.

In the end, I’m very happy to have bought such an ambitious product, all the more as it is French – ok, and a bit Chinese, too!

Fishman , as good as any for Double bass (Fishman - Pro-EQ Platinum Bass)

By tradcab, 09/05/2017
I use this as my preferred double bass pre amp. I also use a headway on occasion. The Fishman is the quickest to set up and adjust on the fly and I have always got a great sound out of my 50 year old Hoffmann bass in any amp I have used it with. They are alas no longer made, but if you can find a used one I think you should buy it, as in their price range there is nothing better and even much more expensive pre amps won't beat it in my opinion.

The ultimate overdrive-preamp (Darkglass Electronics - Microtubes B7K)

By choconut, 29/02/2016
Used with a Jazz Bass into a Chillbass 100's, alongside a Rat and Big Muff. I play post rock and other punchy styles.
It's a very sturdy stompbox, no battery.

Very efficient and versatile settings. It's possible to get a good OD out of it, but I mostly use it for a constant sound coloration, it's always on and I use it to get more in the mix with an extra EQ stage. I also use it as a DI for demoing.

This stompbox brings life to the sound. In the past, I've used a programmable Tech21 Sansamp Bass, and I absolutely don't regret changing for this one. Soundwise, it really is in the league above in my opinion.

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Taurus releases Mk2 version of its T-DI stompbox

Published on 10/14/15
Taurus has released the T-DI MK2, an updated version of its preamp and DI pedal for bass.


Published on 01/24/15

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