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Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

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indispensable in my set

By j'arrete demain, 29/12/2013
see doc or other notices
connection options than sufficient for most uses. Switches impedance for both outputs (XLR and jack) + auxiliary output allows all conceivable configurations.


Easy to use when you control the dosage levels of input / output and that makes the difference between treble and presence. The lack of medium poses no problem because I can sculpt the sound around, + or -. The blend is super important: do not ride too much not to distort the original sound of the instrument.


just put all the knobs at noon for MIDI at the extraordinary improvement that gives the pedal sound. Then, for my part, on a passive bass (fender precision), I drop a little blend before plugging in my Ampeg (twitter disabled). Live PA, or amp to twitter, I fall a little more treble. It enhances any configuration.
I use it with a Fender Precision, a sting ray 4 and 5 and a fretless yamaha trb. Compared to the Sadowsky preamp, it sounds more warmly at the expense of the clarity of sound and it suits me like that. Nevertheless have a very flashy sound playing on the settings you can.


I use since 1998. She has never left me. I changed my sets many times but it was all adventures. Currently I use it only with a cry baby bass.
Only negative point: poor bore the XLR jack which makes it unusable. I have not found other evidence of this type so I guess I'm the only one it happens ...

with the experience I would definitely choose this indestructible gem.

Very good and durable!

By Mikabail, 20/12/2012
Everything has already been said it!


No better


In overdrive or clean tone, it sounds serious! It turns my combo rotten (my first Peavey 60 watt 96) more honest combo (it does not work miracles but still not!). My bass is an entry-level 96 ditto Transfer on which I had mounted Bartolini pickups JB replacing original. Ben and the BDDI sounded roughly the better! This is stunning! On my stack (always with Preamp Peavey Tmax, 1 box 1 * 15 2 * 10) with the same combo ben ...


How long have you been using? 16 (cow already!)
Did you try many other models before buying it? No, it was all about control, confidence on the seller as well as ducks Mag Bass style 'and Guitar & Bass!
What is so special that you like most and least? most: the sounds, longevity (concerts in bars from 96). Cons: it is not coffee.
How do you rate the quality / price? good.
With experience, you do again this choice? Yes, but I feels for giving me the VT deluxe! If someone has had the opportunity to try both, if he can give me his opinion ...

Oh yeah ...

By CautionHot, 21/12/2010
The Tech21 American firm proposes a preamp / DI analog simulating USA made several very interesting sonoritées type (SVT, classic tube ,...) with an incredible quality.
The pedal has a switch, an XLR jack, an input and output and an output parallel output. The recording studio will be little difficulty through the small switch (settings of the DI) to manage perfectly sound. Use of this


SansAmp is remarkably effective through the manual (although delivered in English .. But hey, these days, which is not really bilingual?).
The manual offers some examples of settings more or less interesting.

Note: The setting of "Blend" is constamenent settle firmly into the
Sample Hors ... this is not mandatory


sonoritées issued by the preamp / DI is amazing, moving from crystaline sound, very low distortion with a little fat, husky .. So the possibilities are many.

There are 2 disadvantages of this pedal unfortunately:

1. The lack of a midrange setting .. Who Will could push the "Holy Grail" in his last retranchement.L use a pedal (or rack) of equalization will be crucial if the key to your sound.

2. Strong pronunciation of low-medium: low volume pot goes to around 120Hz, which makes the sound a bit dull and frankly not musical (the low setting would have been better if it had been made between 50 and 80 Hz).


I play with a Jazz Bass D'Addario ProSteel mounted with pick (sometimes not) directly into a Hi-Fi amplifier, guitar 5Watt Class A tube or directly into a PC.

I did not try other models preamp / DI the amp but this pedal that simulates (Ampeg etc.) and I must admit that the sound is almost the same (different parameters taken into account).

The additional use of pedals such as a limit / equalizer / compressor etc. will make the most versatile sonic possibilities.

Paid 249 euro ... Made in the USA, a real preamp / DI analog ...

What else?


moosers's review

By moosers, 20/05/2010
Tech 21's Sansamp Bass Driver DI is an awesome little box that offers both the flexibility of a direct input box, and the sound and control of a pedal. This is an analog piece of gear that has 1/4" connections for an input and two parallel outputs, and it also has an XLR output. It can be powered by a nine volt power supply and isn't rack mountable as it is controlled by your foot.


The make up of the Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI definitley makes it quite a flexible piece of gear. It can be used for live shows or in the studio, but I've only used it in the recording studio. As far as parameters go, it's got knobs for level, blend, treble, bass, drive, and presence, as well as a switch for phantom/ground. It then has a switch to engage or disengage the parameters. A manual shouldn't be necessary for most users.


Both as a traditional DI box and as a pedal, the Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI excels when it comes to sound quality. I love the sound of this when used as a simple DI box, but when paired with it's ability to be used as a pedal, the palette of sounds increases exponentially. You can definitely get a good sounding drive with this for when you might be looking for some more crunch and not just a clean DI signal. I've only used it with bass guitar - a Fender P Bass, and since it is designed for bass I don't think that I'd recommend using it for anything else. Although Tech 21 does make other similar devices for non-bass instruments.


The Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI is really the perfect combination of a DI box and an in depth bass pedal with a lot of control over your sound. I'd recommend that every bass player look into this, as it will definitely add a lot to both your live rig and in the studio. Studios should also consider having one of these around, as its the perfect one stop shop for recording bass guitar direct. All in all, deifnitely a reliable piece of gear with a great sound and a lot of flexibility.
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