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Audiofanzine FR's review (Zero4)

By Audiofanzine FR, 10/03/2009
(Originally written by mono-core/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
This mixer can't be mounted in a rack.

It has four channels with phono RCA input, line RCA input and one line input jack (two 1/4" TS jack). On the front panel you've also got an instrument and an XLR input with phantom power.

Fader and crossfader curves are adjustable. The included software allows you to adjust the curve of each fader separately.

The EQ works with preset modes.

Each channel and the master have an effects section and a tempo-synced sampler.

The Firewire port allows you to use the mixer as a sound card (up to 192-kHz sampling rate).


Used as a classic mixer:

You'll master it within 30 minutes. Settings are quick and easy, no sweat.

The headphone output level is rather low.

Used as a sound card:

Things get a bit more complicated. You get almost no information about how to set it but you'll find out if you're patient.

The sampler is disabled when you work at high sample rates.


There are several EQ modes.

Depending on the mode the EQ will be more or less effective.

I can't say anything regarding noise because the speakers I use (EVP-X15P) already generate a bit.


The mixer still works perfectly after one year of use.


This DJ mixer can also be used as a home studio mixer

Effect module on each channel and the master

Firewire sound card

Midi controller (all buttons and controls are implemented)

Excellent sampler</ul>


Headphone output not loud enough

Gain controls affect the channel level and the level of the signal sent to the computer. This means that when you use timecode vinyl records you'll have to use one channel to set the gain and another one for the return from the computer


I tested some other products (Pionner DJM800, Ecler NUO5).

Good value for money considering you get a Midi controller, a Firewire sound card and a mixer with effects and sampler.

I would buy it again with my eyes closed.

Versatile and easy to pickup 4 channel mixer (KM-402)

By moksel, 03/12/2014
3x stereo RCA phono and line, 1x microphone on first channel, shared with line.

There is RCA output to main, and RCA to booth. This unfortunately doenst have an special volume knob.


Yes, it takes a couple of tries to get the idea of all the effects (100 FXs). I did not use a manual, as I wanted to try it by myself.


A very low, almost undetectable hum. The sound quality is superiour and more natural than the club standards (pioneer), wich have a sertain 'sound'.

The EQ is super flexible, as there are a couple of presets on how the EQ responds (full kill, or boost etc)


Very versatile, easy to pick up. Its a bit heavy, but when it stands on the table you wont be able to bump it. The mixer has a full metal faceplate wich is detachable with a torx screwdriver for cleaing and fixing pods/changing the x-fader.