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User Review

Squier Standard P-Bass Special - Reviews Squier Black and Chrome Standard Precision Bass

I read reviews of this bass here at
and bought it at for 250€.

I love this bass because it's easy to play, the great sound, just everything.
A nice Jazz bass neck allows you to play easily,
and with the J-Bass and P-Bass pickups you can have almost any tone you wish.
Turn up the J-pickup and play some funky jazz,
or go Rock and Punk and turn up the P-Bass pickup...
The Tone control lets you get a thumpy, soft sound, or a rocky hard sound.
It doesn't way too much, and it's built great. i've smacked it against the wall a couple times (by accident): not a scratch.

The output jack is kinda loose, so every five days i gotta turn it a little bit so its tight again.

it is built to last. As I said, easy to play, sounds great and has a great look too!

I can only recommend this bass to anyone, if you start, or if you are just looking for a Bass to rock with.

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