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User Review

Well, for the price range - Reviews Korg Ax1000g

Multi-effects pedals:
- Amp Simulator
- Cabinet speaker
- Various effects divided into two sections: modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, delay mod, octave, autowha) and pedal (which as the name implies manages the airship effects pedal like whawha, pitch shifter, the talk ...)
- Various echoes, reverb and delays.
- Training sentence
- Tuner
The rear connectors are sufficiently numerous. It should be noted that there is a headphone jack and aux.


Which has already affected a device of its kind, it's pretty intuitive. The settings are very many for each effect, so as soon as it combines a little bit of a request quickly fine tuning to find a good balance, but AVRC used it is fast.
For neophytes, editing and sound recording should take some effort. The instructions are here for. In any case, the user a lot of slots available to save his sounds: 9 banks of 4 sounds. There's plenty to do.


Therein lies the problem. This multi effect is old, very old now. And in the field it was sacred progress! However, the effects are pretty good quality throughout and can be used in concert on a good amp input range it does. on the other hand, if you connect it to a very good amp ... The definition of the leave hearing limitations, and synthetic aspects emerge.
Korg sound is relatively colorful but clean leave to hear the typocité your guitar (by adding its own color so). In distortion, it is much less obvious ...
Besides the distortion, especially modern, are not very reussies. If they have a good momentum, the sound is really synthetic. In concert or by repeating it makes filthy. But with good SETUP on the pedalboard and the amp have little something right.
The reverb are great, and the sound mixes are boring. There are also quite special sounds that I have succeeded in creating this pedal.


Since 2002. But I no longer use since 2011 because I acquired a line6 amp spidervalve which largely replaces.
If I still maintains this is because of the above mentioned that I have to do that succeeds on this pedal sounds.
So to sum up I would say that given his age, this pedal is doing well and at the price we can find today, it's worth it when compared to the inputs of current range.
Nevertheless, I recommend it to fans rather not have great stuff, if not all boundaries pedalier emerge.