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User Review

Overpriced and outdated - Reviews Line 6 M9

Multi effects for all digital ways "I have three pedals underfoot, what do I do now?" + + Tuner Looper.
Good full specs are arranged on the site. The M9 also has some hidden features. You can also adds three simultaneous effects with sounds and called with a midi foot multi effects standard ways (Scene).


Using relatively simple but the effects were not a lot of settings in which you will have to spend time. It will also make a choice: In front or in the loop. Not possible to do both. Therefore has less work on amps are very clean and the overdrive drop a lamp, you should choose between whammy, phaser and cry baby or the delays and reverbs ...


Effects are generally satisfactory except sounding distortion podX3 ways. Rather prefer analog pedals. The delays and reverbs are very good, but troubleshoots modulations are back ... The filters are uneven, some are cool others are useless.


I use (well it is in my pedalboard) for one year. I am quite a fan of good sound clean and good overdrive sound so I use the effects that m9 at times for not having to buy a chorus or phaser just an intro I like the Swiss Army knife that side troubleshoots well. I use mostly the tuner, volume (ideal for cleaning a clean Crunch in and send the sauce at once), the boost also boosted the distortion of the amp. I use effects when I need it. Even though I do not always use it, it is reassuring to know it. My pedalboard and suddenly much lighter.
I miss the noise gate that sucks the chain and sound modulations and digital saturation too. Also impossible to directly planted in a sound, it sounds not and it is not made for this. Over time I would do that choice. I would take earlier ZOOM G3. Even have digital troubleshooting much less and pay more zoom and more complete. You should also know that today a pod HD400 is almost the same price and it has all the functions and the M9 and much more (even pedals expressions what is required to enjoy some of the M9 ) Voilou