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User Review

A good compromise - Reviews Line 6 M9

Value For Money : Excellent
A good Swiss Army knife with a multitude of effects more or less useful.


Very easy to use, no need to read the manual as it is simple.
Settings for different effects is very simple with potentiometers found the right sound quickly.
This little box is very ergonomic.


That's why I bought this pedal, I had seen videos on youtube of guys who played U2 and I found it stunning.
Necessarily delays and reverbs are really great.
There are one or two who distos not seem to hurt me too (screamer, heavy ....).
I love the little looper that enough for me and has a good quality.
I plug it into a vox Ac4 a lamp and it sounds very very good!!
It happens with toues my guitars (Strat, and Jazzmaster thinline telecaster).


I recently, but it's been a while since I was eyeing on the m13 or 9.
I looked at the m9 becaufe my amp has no effects loop and also because he does not take place.
I had a lot of effects (analog or digital), saying I sold all my pedals so that the suits me.
A bit expensive new, there are good Bazaars however.
I think it is good value for money considering all that was in it.
The only downside that I found, and it is also on this point that we must be vigilant to buy, it is the quality of the switches.
If your pedal a little experienced, it is likely that the latter is tired.
It's a little disease like line 6 DL4 excellent.
Brief in this case do not worry there is a mod to change by more robust.
The manipulation for the m13 here: