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Steinberg Cubase LE 4

General Sequencerfrom the Steinberg Cubase LE series

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User Reviews

Cubase LE 4 & Alesis io/2: I love it

By Accordeons6000, 05/04/2012
Installation without problems.
It's easy to set up. I use Cubase LE 4 ─ don't forget to update!!! The Steinberg USB key and also the software!!!
The manual comes as a PDF in different languages on the software CD.


The software works really well with the io/2 soundcard or the Cakewalk ua-25 EX or Asio4all.
Stable software.


I've used it since March 2008, almost 4 years.
I tested other products, like Cubase SE 1.
Quality & price: 180 euros with the Alesis IO/2 soundcard.

I love this software: 10/10.

By Accordeons6000, 07/03/2012
Installation without problem, the configuration is not easy at the beginning, but it is necessary to read the PDF Cubase LE 4 In French, I understood several times to understand the software Cubase LE 4.
No incompatilibilit with FL Studio Fruity Edition Imageline, MakeMusic Finale 2011 Sauve with Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essential !!! which supports a sound card with software is, I have the case with the kind of problem, Dommange pouur Sonar X1 Essential, this is a good software, but many stall Audio ??? Cakewalk sorry ??? But for the Cakewalk VST, no problem: 10/10.
The Manual is sufficiently ventilated to me anyway, over me as it is necessary for an inteligent no problem anyone, but people are problem SEVERAL years since 2005 I use Cubase SE .. .dropoff window


My home computer installation 2x1 tera Hard Drive for the rest ... I know more ...
Windows 7 Professional ... Sound Card Alesis io / 2, very happy, save a small trus Potart the creaking when you turn the knob !!!
The configuration is running very well, no problem, I'm glad Assais especially for Midi Keyboard Arranger with my Yamaha PSR-S710 travaillis with: 10/10, I have just a little bored, know my sound out of my Yamaha PSR-S710 Keyboard, but I order a pair of monitor Prodipe Pro 5 2 x 75 Watt, we'll see, I think its going to work ...
The software is stable, no problem ...


I use since March 2009, I have them First Cubase SE 1 in 2005 for 4 years, but the updating is diser me to a Steinberg Cls for continuous travaillis with Cubase, I did not understand all suite, cls listen The 30 Euro !!!
I tried other software like Magix Music Studio V2000,2007 and 2008,15,17 & Samplitude Music Studio and Magix Music Maker 2006,2007,2008, Prmium 17 three times, but when I asked Magix if we had used the midi synthesizer, c'tais yes, but use the sound of my synthesizer Roland E-50, C'tais not, shame !!! I also essaiy Magix Notation 2, but I did not like at all, Cakewalk Music Creator, 4 & 5, Sonar Home Studio XL 7 & Sonar X1 Essential, I do not like at all, especially for d crochage Audio, Cakewalk sorry !!!
Also I used ArpgeMusique Pizzicato Also, as Pizzicato Composition, Pro, Professional, too, I do not At all.
I like to do everything with this software Cubase LE 4, the South, VST, Audio ...
My Next cera Cubase 6 & Sequel 3 ...
For Price: 180 Euro With the Sound Card Alesis io / 2 is not chre I referix my choice ... Thanks AudioFanzine, thank you ... Musician-Composer-Arranger-instrumentalist. ..dropoff window

Kierkes's review

By Kierkes, 31/10/2011
Well, since you are here, you probably are considering an interface that bundles Cubase with it against another interface with another program. I want to let you know right now that Cubase is probably the biggest pain in the butt that you will set up. I do not mean to sound overly sensational, but if you are considering trying to use a lite version of this program, it is likely because you are just getting started. Cubase is not incredibly intuitive to open for the very first time because of all of the menus you have to go through to start to route the audio and set up the inputs and outputs and midi devices and what not Without a doubt, just about every other program out there is easier to learn the basics of audio on than Cubase.


Cubase is in and of itself a tried and true program that does indeed get the job done once you figure out its ins and outs. That being said, Cubase is known in the industry at being particularly great at handling data from midi files and inputs. This means that Cubase lends itself well to electronic and computer musicians. The thing that makes this particular lite version of Cubase less appealing then, is that this version is geared toward the beginning recordist, which means that it is lighter on features. It has less of the plugins that make the main version of Cubase appealing, and it certainly lacks the amount of options for midi file manipulation that the main point and selling point of this digital audio workstation is gone. Did I mention that so far, all versions of Cubase are unbelievably draconian in how they handle audio resources, and tend to crash a lot if you strain the program? Well, now I have!


There is absolutely no point to this program. It is simply hands down a worse option than any of the other lite digital audio workstations because it is frustrating to beginners, and because the main version's eventual draw and appeal do not sufficiently apply to it. Stick to something else more intuitive than Cubase and focus on music instead of fiddling with your program.

Incitation to stop using it

By paradies, 08/03/2011
Installation is a pain, like all software with their activation codes and registration codes and whatever codes...In this case it's frankly exasperating that the number of reinstalls is limited. After five reinstalls, the software is no longer usable. On a PC, five times is not much...It will simply encourage some people to look for freeware online or switch to a competing product.
On a Macintosh, however, where you don't have to reinstall it that often, it shouldn't be an issue (I've had Mac for 4 years and have never needed to reinstall anything, but on my PC I have to do it every 4-5 months).
I wanted to use cubase LE on a small laptop during holidays, but I changed my mind and installed my last re-activation code on my mac, where it will not be of much use ever...


Compared to other DAWs, I don't like the mixer nor the plug-in management, it's way too far from Pro Tools or Logic, where you can easily follow the signal. It's too colorful, full of small symbols to recall functions which only make the interface too cluttered.
Regarding MIDI, Cubase will always be one of the pioneers, VST plug-in integration is fine.
The software is not too resource-intensive (as long as you don't use too resource-intensive plug-ins...).
All in all, I don't like it much for mixing, but it's an excellent tool to write songs.
A good point is the use of VST plug-ins (created by Steinberg, by the way), which are much more widespread than Pro Tools' RTAS or Direct X...


I've known Cubase since the Ataris. I happily switched to Logic when it still wasn't available for pc. Today, I wouldn't spend a dime on a program that is such a pain to reinstall, with an average interface and a fucked up mixer.
What's more, it doesn't come with many VSTs.
Nevertheless, in many cases, the program comes bundled with some hardware. It doesn't shock me that it's a light version, but the fact that it has a limited number of installs is downright unacceptable. If I only had PC it would definitely be a deal-breaker!

My rating might seem too harsh, but it's justified: A DAW of Cubase's caliber, being a Light version it would be a useful tool providing unthinkable possibilities decades ago, but, not being too finicky about it, in a domain where other manufacturers offer state-of-the-art options, Cubase deserves no mercy!

NB: 7/10 on macintosh (value for money), where you don't have to reinstall the system as often as on Windows. It's very easy to install (except for the exasperating activation codes, but, in theory, you only need to do it once...) and it's a bit better in that regard...but there is simply no comparison with pro tools light.
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Steinberg Cubase LE 4 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Steinberg
  • Model:Cubase LE 4
  • Series:Cubase LE
  • Category:General Sequencers
  • Added in our database on: 07/09/2008

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