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The weapon of studio and stage - Reviews Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Cabinet simulator + microphone jack with integrated loadbox. Adding the V2 simulation output stage

Publisher via USB, MIDI in / out, input / output S / PDIF coax, AES, Analog Input + loadbox. Wordclock input, operates up to 96kHz at 24 bit.
Headphone output with dedicated level facade.

Can enable or disable each section independently, namely: power amp simulation, mic + speaker simulation, EQ, exciter, compressor. It is very comprehensive for sound recording.

Bank of 99 presets.

Opportunity to capture his own cabinet + microphone configuration via the editor.

No audio USB

Now in version 2 firmware allows the simulation of two speakers picked up by two microphones that are mixed to mono.
Navigation through the menus via buttons on the facades is intuitive, there are buttons for the different treatment included in the machine. The editor in the computer is very clear and easy to read.

The manual is detailed and easy to read.

It may be recalled by noon or program change by the big front wheel.

Admission is mono and stereo output can be named with the treatment "space" rather dedicated to the game with headphones. In analog there is an exit PreSimulation mono and stereo post simulation, you can also choose how the stereo with a processed output and untreated. Very useful for testing other presets from making crude.

The simulations are bluffing quality, lots of cabinets available guirare and low and 8 different mics.

I obviously does not have all its speakers and microphones all these, for the most common remark I still that the general spirit of these microphones is made there, including SM57 and MD421.

There are simulations for all the taste of vintage to modern stuff.

The simulation of a loudspeaker cabinet gave an already incredible results, the possibility of mixing two microphones or two speakers on the same speaker, although they share the same treatments, give a new dimension in sound reproduction.
The power amp simulation is far from being a gadget with distinct voicings between configurations.

Registered for a lamp amp pushed at the right volume without deafening this tool works wonders.

Absolute flexibility with the possibility of réamper to infinity with the possibility of rare recorded with speakers and a quantity nécessiterais a garage to store.

The rendering quality is exceptional with Treatment saw how the phase shift of speakers, the choice of guitar or bass frequencies that are different or exciting to break a mix.

The possibility to use the torpedo in digital reamper to infinity without further conversion is also a big plus.