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EMG H: Possibly my favorite pickups... EVER! (EMG - HA)

By Bill Kasper, 20/02/2018
I love the EMG S and SA pickups in my strats,so when I came across an OLD hardwired set of EMG H pickups I jumped on them and installed them in my DeArmond M65. I also installed a Bigsby B5. Well, these pickups transformed this guitar with the most twangy and beautful cleans I've ever heard.I found out my set was made in 1975 and these were introduced in 1974! How this pickup has flown under the radar for 45 years is an absolute mystery to me.
Best clean tone on planet earth, PERIOD!

Excellent for Fender Amp (Dominger Pickups - Bucking Bull)

By Zal Saper, 21/04/2018
I bought the Bucking Bull pickup to drive my Fender Princeton Amp into overdrive more effectively than with my previous aftermarket pickup. This pickup does the job in style! The sound is full, but not muddy and gives me the ringing power chords I have been after. The difference is obvious when I compare recordings made with the previous setup, which sounds thin and compressed compared to the Bucking Bull. Total rock tone! I bought another three pickups!
Thanks Joce and Tammie!

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge (Seymour Duncan - SH-8B Invader Bridge)

By Edward Klupp jr, 11/07/2019
I purchased the invader pickup for my Eddie Vanhalen custom Stratocaster that I built. And the power and tone is unreal! It sound's better than Eddie's I kid you not. It even sound's as good as my Jackson JS 32T King V. This is truly an amazing pickup. Great choice.

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