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User reviews on Home Studio Package products

no way (Renoise - DOUGUIE)

By stompboxjon, 17/06/2012
This is the only model that I have tried by Renoise and I can say it will be the last studio bundle that I will get from them. It didn’t work well for me, not saying that I couldn’t get it to record or anything like that. Im just talking about the sheer quality . I got an awful sound while trying to record, like it’s the worst quality that I have ever gotten in all of my years trying to record from home. It was a whole package that I purchased and it was at a very low price, so maybe that’s why it was so crappy. But the guy at the music store said it was probably my best option for the money that I was going to spend and needing everything that I needed. At first glance it all seemed great, and it worked fine. But once I sent the song that I just spent so long working on and recording and writing out to some friends and family they all instantly said the exact same thing that the quality was poor. So I went to a friends house who didn’t have a good set up either and actually his was about the same price as this and I recorded there and I sounded so much better and I could tell the difference. So I didn’t make a return very fast and took the Renoise package back to the store and probably wont purchase from them again. If you are really tight on money and need a recording package there are some really good ones that you can get. Don’t make the mistake and get talked into purchasing this one because you will be taking it back within 3 days or so.

Look into some of M Audio’s recording packages , they have some cheap good ones.

Dont Buy this package (PreSonus - AudioBox Studio)

By AlanForPresident, 09/09/2012
The Abox Studio PreSonus recording kit is a very basic kit and needs a lot of work. The price of it would be reasonable if it came with a pair of monitors instead of cheap headphones. The interface is built tough and can stand a few drops, its made out of a very metal like material but the pre amps on it are not good at all. The microphone that comes with it is very cheap and will not give you a good sound quality. This kit comes with Studio One software. Now Studio One software has been around for a while and I really don’t have a problem with it , but I wouldn’t suggest you starting on it if you are a newbie. You can get a better package than this with Cubase or Pro Tools and have a great start to your career. This package does have everything you need to start recording right out of the box. It comes with an M7 Microphone that is a Large diaphragm that needs phantom power (from the interface). It comes with the audio cables too, the headphones are HD7 and they are suppose to be “good” but to me they are awful. Do not attempt to mix a song in these headphones. You will get a horrible mix and you wont know its bad until you listen on another source.
Overall, this package is very cheap. If you are going to spend 250 dollars on this, you mine as well save another 250 and go a Pro tools package that will give you a great start. Do not waist your time and money with this package. The microphone is very bad and the headphones are too, the interface is half way decent and so is Studio One, but for the price there are way better options out on the market.

Not a good choice! (PreSonus - AudioBox Studio)

By AudioArtist, 27/11/2012
Overall, this packages' most worthwhile component is the Studio 1 program. It includes a mic cable, usb cable, large diaphragm condenser, interface, headphones, power supply and the Studio 1 software.
The Studio 1 program is pretty good, it wouldn't be my personal choice but it can hold it's own comparatively.
The interface does not have really high quality pre-amps in it, yet they aren't the worst. The size of the interface and the somewhat awkward positioning of the controls is a bit bothersome.
The included condenser mic's performance is lackluster, it does sound better than a 58, or any common dynamic mic, in terms of overall clarity and sensitivity but it's still just a really cheap LDC. If you do decide to buy this bundle I certainly hope that this is your first introductory set-up. It is possible to pull some decent recordings out of this mic but it just doesn't compete with even the cheapest LDC's offered by other companies.
The included headphones are uncomfortable and unbalanced. They are good enough as a recording pair of phones but I would never, ever mix with them!
The plus side of this bundle is that it is compatible with quite a few different DAWs, and you get everything you need for the novice engineer to start grinding away and learning the ropes. If you take this bundle, forget about Studio 1, run it with GarageBand, hook up a good midi keyboard you will have an ideal novice set-up. It's not a bad thing overall, comparatively you get all you need to get started. I'd buy it for a young kid, (12-14), who was interested in learning recording. But, I would never even dream of purchasing this for myself or recomending it to anyone. A friend of mine bought this bundle and I set it up for him, needless to say I was unimpressed.
If you really want to be super thrifty and you really don't have much or any experience then this would be a decent value if you had GarageBand already. Studio 1 has a much steeper learning curve and this is totally a novice rig, Studio 1 would be daunting for someone at that level.

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