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Marshall AVT275 - Reviews Marshall AVT275

I got this amp six months old off a well known internet auction site for £345. It retails for £560 - bargain! I bought it because I was looking for a powerful combo for gigs.

I love this amp. I looks brilliant, and the range of sounds you can get out of it is frankly terrifying. The four channels - acoustic simulator, clean, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2 range from jangly piezo acoustic to the most metallic metal. Each channel has a seperate gain and volume control, so the channels overlap nicely. There's a master volume and master prescence knob, too. There are two FX channels - one for acoustic simulator / clean, and one for overdrive 1 and 2. These sound really good, especially considering they're inbuilt.

This combo weighs as much as a small cow! It doesn't have wheels, either, so get a roadie, or get down the gym. Also, the power cable is only about a metre long, so it needs to be close to a power point. The number of knobs on the front means that you'll have to be on top of things if you want to change settings during a gig.

I think this was actually hewn out of stone, or perhaps made from the remnants of a collapsed star. Everything is sturdy and possibly bomb proof. Some of the knobs feel a bit wobbly, though.

If you've got the cash, this is a brilliant amp. The range of sounds is great, and it is loud enough to fill a decent sized club without needing to be mic'd up. Genius!

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