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Marshall AVT275 - Reviews Marshall AVT275

I was looking for an amp with some good overdrive, excellent tone and a decent power output. I found it in Music Maker here in Dublin, in the good ol' Republic of Ireland. I paid 800 Euros for it, a bit pricey, but I was happy to part with it.

First off, its a Marshall, so it will definitely be a favourite for most guitarists out there. I didn't buy it for the Acoustic Sim as many people who buy it do. I bought it for the OD Channels. The OD1 is fantastic for the sound that made Marshall famous, good old Crunch, just about any crunch sound is achievable from it. The next step up is the OD2, where the gain is far more sensitive and a lot bassier than its predecessor. Good for extra ear drum pounding action for all death metal fanatics out there. All in all, excellent output. The Clean Channels are not to be snubbed though, the Acoustic Sim is good for not needing to switch guitars in mid play, but the volume on it is equal to half that on other channels, and the Clean Channel itself does incredible clean to a nice Bluesy break up.

Not much, the Acoustic Sim is weaker than the other Channels in terms of volume, thats about all I dislike. Other than that fault, it's a great Amp.

Rock hard construction. The combo's closed back gives a fantastic Bass response for the Clean and OD's. But a complete retard could ruin this by opening it up for a look, sealing it back up, and doing a real shit job of it. Always leave an amp untouched but by an experienced technician.

Quality, simply, quality

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