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User reviews on MIDI Cable products

moosers's review (Hosa - MID301N MIDI 30 cm)

By moosers, 28/04/2010
The Hosa MID301N is a simple MIDI cable that I have used in the recording studio for a variety of different applications. I've used these cables with MIDI keyboards to send information to a MIDI interface, as well as for use with a Mackie HUI to send it's information to my computer. There isn't too much to these cables, as they are simple, well made, and come in a variety of different lengths and colors. I don't really have anything to be unhappy about with the Hosa MID301N MIDI cables, as they do the job well and I haven't had too many of them break that I can remember. There are certainly higher quality MIDI cables out there, but I didn't need anything too heavy duty for my home studio since I don't do all that much with MIDI and just needed them for some simple connections. I can't necessarily say that I'd recommend this cable over another brand of MIDI cable, but I will say that these did the job very well for me without any issues. The way I see it, unless you're going to be spending a good amount more money on MIDI cables, you're not going to get something better than this. In other words, unless you're spending the money on a top tier MIDI cable, I think the Hosa MID301N will do the job just as well as any. I haven't yet experienced one of these crapping out on me, but since they are generally pretty inexpensive I wouldn't be surprised or upset if one did - I'd just get another. However, to date they few that I own have held up well in the few years that I've had them, albeit with only a small amount of use. The bottom line is that if you're looking for some inexpensive MIDI cables to get you started with, the Hosa MID301N cables will do just fine...

radikal's review (Klotz - MID-030 )

By radikal, 26/10/2009
KLOTZ is a German brand that is very serious and very clear good quality products without breaking the bank (Monster Cable, lol)
Cable 5 year warranty by manufacturer!
used for 2 years, very clear good quality cable, gold plated terminals.
MIDI signals pass without problem.
What I love most is that the c log sheets firmly and do not move, unlike other brand ad ...
I've already try Yellow Cable (cheap, but bad qualiTees, J received a default from factory with, proof that they do not control their product ..), i also cables Roland made in Taiwan, not bad.
The ratio quality price is right, I would do but I'd like the choice to try SCHULZ (very good German brand also ..)

radikal's review (Yellow Cable - MD1)

By radikal, 24/10/2009
2 years
Price, Cheap
J have no markings of other cables .. and Klotz, Roland.
with a midi cable that does not transmit any signals (death.. dustbin live) I do enjoy my monitor all MIDI cables (all pins one by one) with the help of a tester, well, J was surprised to find a midi cable brand Yellow Cable with 2 pin will not submit more, yet the cable has not more than 2 years and has never been bullied.
like what the qualitée MIDI cables is not to be underestimated.
I recommend the brand KLOTZ.
test your cables!