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Killing with a report quality / price ratio

By Spearhead, 27/10/2012
- Channel crossing
- Active EQ (only the version that I have if it is to switch or push-pull active / passive)
- Two Bartolini MK1 pickups, active equalization of the same brand.
- 5 knobs: 1 volume and 4 to sculpt your sound
- A little heavy but still contributes so much wood used for sound angry!!


- The handle is excellent, mine was set by a luthier with action strings very close race, that sounds alone, and it is pure pleasure to play on it!
- Access to acute infantile
- Spacing between the strings very correct to slap pretty easy (at the same time I am a guitarist originally, so it helps maybe a little better understanding of the 5 strings!
- Knobs are very responsive, it takes a little time to find THE SOUND you like, depending on your style and your game That said, it is a remarkable versatility, I imagine at ease all styles.


I play rock and metal, sometimes a little "fusion" and damn it! what a feeling of power, a round, warm, accurate (especially the bass)
I managed to get sounds a little closer "The Clash" sounds closer to those of Tool and Sleeppers. Imagine the range of sound colors available.
Good at the same time I plug in a TECH SANSAMP RBI, it also contributes (I invite you to try this 1U rack preamp handmade in the USA, I challenge you to be disappointed!)

I love everything about this bass, and it is inconceivable to me to change!!


a MUST have in this type of budget, this budget Ibanez go your way please ....

VvSurLeRiddim's review

By VvSurLeRiddim, 19/11/2011
* In what country does she makes? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...)
* How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?
* What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
* What type of race?
=> Cf. description and view previous ones

* What are the rglages (Volume, Tone slecteur micro ...)?
5 knobs: 3 for EQ (low, mid, treble), for a balance between the two microphones, one for volume and gnral
A switch active / passive


* The handle is it enjoyable?
Trs indeed enjoyable, comfortable and conducive VLOC a good left hand

* Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

* Access in acute (dernires freight) is it easy?
Yes, thanks to the handle through notemment (= No over-thickness at the junction body / sleeve as the sleeve intruments glued or screwed.

* Gets it easy to sound good? ...
Oh yes! Dj it sounds good base, and more EQ is really good and makes it easy to change compltement sound.


* Suitable they your style of music?
Yes, all fawn it is so versatile that it can suit me any style of modern music.

* Which types of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
She does it all and does it well, again: trs really versatile.

* With what (s) amp (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Amps: Ashdown stack (SERIES MAG), Hartke stack (SERIES XL), combo Ampeg B-100 R
Effects: compressor and distortion, both analog pedals Markbass and lamps.

* What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
I love them all and do not dtest. Seriously, it seems almost impossible to hurt this bass sound, even in doing expr. Modeling all types of sound with the EQ is a real treat on this bass.
Excellent sustain also.


* How long have you use it?
1 year

* Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I had a low price before the first (Harley Benton), and it is day and night.
I have also a fender precision electronic active US (SERIES Deluxe), and they are trs diffrent, difficult to compare (the Fender REALLY more personality and sound sublime, but the Cort is really much, much more versatile and versatile).

* What is the particular feature you like best and least?

the -:
- Not super easy to slap because of the small space between the 5-string

and +:
+ Trs comfortable and easy to play
+ Good sound trs
+ Trs sustain good
+ Trs good EQ
Trs + versatile
+ Too good! I love the look and the beauty of wood, trs class

The multipurpose crazy sound ...

By Dinnis, 25/03/2011
See review below


The handle is very nice and it is very late for a 5 string bass at once there are advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of game but mainly because the slap shot spacing between the strings is quite low but does not to make you just get used to it ...!!! Access to the acute problem is not a real highway for soloists ...

But it differs mainly in its versatility in sounds, you can get what we want from jazz to metal (my case ...)


It differs mainly in its versatility in sounds, you can get what we want from jazz to metal (my case ...)

I use it in direct into my preamp Digital MPA or with my Hartke 3500 in 2 cases it works very well, but beware of the output level is very high!


In fact I bought a painted version about 5 years ago (800 euros) that I sold because I needed money to equip myself in my studio ... it is a sound engineer that I had bought at that time there because he found the sound absolutely great!

But in November 2010 I came across a promo Playback and I came across the c. .. because it was 459 euros ... I jumped at the chance because at this price is nothing but nothing makes the competition, already at 800 was difficult ....

I would do this choice without any problems, I fell in love with this wonder, in fact I think me buy a second to have a different tune ....

A killing

By Manuchao6, 05/01/2011
Premium for an Indonesian low
Driver Channel (beautiful by the way)
+ Mechanical bridge Hipshot
24 frets
Micro + EQ Bartolini
Adjusting Volume, Tone, Switch active / passive bass, midrange and treble
(-1 Pt because it comes from Asia and that nothing of the fact that AC ship)


I have not much experience but what I can say is I'm really comfortable when I play and all the lines that I know spend all alone ...
The slap has been much criticized but I feel pretty comfortable with my fingers for passing itself between the strings from the


can do a lot of settings on this bass sounds and I think I am far from having tried everything. The bass vibrates a lot (thank you neck-through) and the sound is very powerful (much more than the Yam RBX 374 per instance)
I play mostly on my Audriogram6 connected to a Logitech Z5500 and I rattled dishes Mom floor below when I want;)


I've had two weeks now and I think I'm in love ...
Nah, seriously, I tried a Warwick, a RBX5A2 Yam, an Ibanez to 600 € (but I know the model). Anyway, when I put my little fingers on his sleeve, I knew it was the Cort that would suit me best ...
Ordered on the net (it may not be the best thing to do) and received no later than two weeks worries ...
Voila voila I won and I hope you will be too
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  • Model:A5
  • Series:Artisan
  • Category:5+ string bass guitars
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