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User reviews on Material For Modular Sound Isolation products

moosers's review (Primacoustic - VoxGuard)

By moosers, 26/10/2011
The Primacoustic VoxGuard is a cool mic shielding tool for recording vocals or other instruments in spaces that might not be as acoustically sound as you'd like. It's primarily designed for vocals, but I don't see why you couldn't use it for mics on guitar or bass amps as well to help isolate the mic. Personally I've only used the VoxGuard for vocals and I'd probably only recommend getting it for this reason. Anything else you deem worthy of using it for should be a bonus in my opinion. There isn't all that much that you need to know about the build of the VoxGuard, as it's a pretty simple device with sound proofing foam covering the inside and a spot to put the mic through. Once it's set up with your microphone there's literally nothing else that you need to do with it. While extraordinarily simple, this can make a huge difference in your vocal sound. Blocking off unwanted noise and ambient sounds in your home studio is extremely important if you are looking to get professional sounding voice recordings. It's perfect for singers and voice over artists alike. The Primacoustic VoxGuard is definitely designed for home studios and isn't really necessary in larger pro studios, depending on the environment of course. At the price of only $100 US dollars, it's really a no brainer for anyone making recordings in their home studio. With more and more people leaning toward doing work at home, the VoxGuard puts the power in your hands to step up your home studio game at the price that almost everyone will be able to afford. There are a few options out there for things like the VoxGuard, including ones from Studio Electronics and Auralex. All of them are in the same price range, but you can never go wrong with Primacoustic as they have a stellar reputation for a reason!

Auralex Gramma (Auralex - GRAMMA)

By MGR/Billy, 20/04/2011
My knowledge of physics and science aren't worthy of any degree, but I've worked with the Gramma by Auralex long enough to say more than 'Dude it sounds gooder with it under my amp!'

I started to get more and more calls to play on demos and the Gramma seemed like it'd be a great home base to getting my amp setup and dialed in quickly.

If you search forums there are plenty of guys who think these are scams, truth is sure you can make your own, but Auralex made a quality product and for $50 I think it's worth every penny.

Today more and more bands are doing the DIY recording. Maybe you're going record in your friends basement or garage and chances are it is not acoustically treated. Sitting your amp on top of the Gramma will cancel out some of the room sound and give you more amp sound and less room.

There is a handle on the bottom that makes it easy to carry. I still keep the factory box to store it in just to keep it nice.

They make a few models and the Gramma is borderline too small for a 4x12 guitar cab. This is suited more for single speaker combos.

Heavy duty. It is supposed to be able to handle 300 pounds. At 180 pounds I stomped on it and it showed no signs of giving out.

Quit letting the room stand in front of your amp's tone, let your amp talk!

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Helped me a lot more than I expected (Sound Kitz - AE-F)

By SammyGia, 25/06/2013
I purchased the AE-F about a year plus ago. It wasn't my first choice but it was my last choice that I needed to make. At the time I purchased it I was looking for something to help remove some of the hollowness I had been experiencing when I would record my voice. My room was pretty much dry already as far as sound could go but I sounded hollow. I tried a few home brewed solutions but never got the results I wanted then I started looking at reflection filters but didn't want to spend $300 on one. I first tried a ambient room filter that I purchased for around $100 and it made my voice sound even more removed like I was recording inside a cardboard box. Then I sent that back and brought the AE-F which I found to bring my voice out more instead of muffling it. Instead of sounding so hollow it was more direct like I was speaking to you and not from across the hall.

What thing do you like most/least about it?

What I like the most about the filter is that it didn't take me too long to set up and was effective without me having to do any adjusting to my mic playing around with it. What I like the least about it? I was pretty satisfied with it but it would be nice if maybe it had a panel or layer that could cover the top so it's not so open. That might help.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Very good value it's built very strong there is no plastic it's all metal. It feels very solid like it won't break so easily.

Precision and quality of the sound?
Great improvement but depend on what you record you might noticed more than I did. I just use it for voice, I can see a singer getting even more out of it.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

Yes, and I was satisfied with this purchase. The other products I tried were also somewhat effective but they didn't address my specific problem.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

I would have made it sooner and probably first. I have been satisfied with this item from them. Very nice quality and good results no real complaints.

News Material For Modular Sound Isolation

Primacoustic introduces new mounting tools

Published on 10/15/15
Primacoustic announces a new collection of hardware to help hanging acoustic baffles and clouds: the Corkscrew, the SlipNot, and the Helix.

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