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User reviews on Mono-Channel Power Amp products

donpinpon69's review (Philips - EL 6416)

By donpinpon69, 20/05/2014
hi, ok, Since I can pay?

I can pay for bank transfer?

best regards

Not very good sound quality (B.corde - Dagone 800)

By izenogoude, 12/01/2014
Bought new amp for powering subwoofers in home theater installation
The comfortable power and bandwidth to low gave extraordinary results.
Since I moved and I forgot demonic Home Cinema installation.
I use the amp to amplify an electric bass.
The amp coupled to a tube preamp gives very good results (with an HP EMINENCE Delta Pro12)
The only pb encountered is the poor quality of the knob that sputters to death. I switched off.

The look of the amp is shit but the sound quality is excellent, no audible distortion, good power reserve.
I tried other bass amplification (AMPEG, HARTKE) installation and I think my setup is more dynamic.

For installation sound, there is no light in security and I'm not sure there was a clip function, in any case, I never got to this stage.
The knob is very cheap and will not give satisfaction for specific settings.

If I had to buy a 800W mono amp I would make the same choice by changing the knob

The mini amp for maximum results! (JB Systems - AVM-2)

By DJPierreP, 22/03/2013
Who has never dreamed of transforming his passive speakers into beautiful active speakers?

JBSystems the AVM-2 you can finally you spend thirty kilos of your power amp ... Three speakers, three AVM-2, and a great result for all the benefits of the most demanding DJs :-)

How long have you been using?

Used for two months in mobile disco.

What is so special that you like most and least?

Finished amps, their weight and flightcase, speakon cables or back pain ...
AVM-2 modules allow you to really transform an enclosure Series MKII active speakers Vibe powerful and efficient. Also saves space because you no longer have to carry the amp.
You can also connect two speakers to the module AVM-2, the first being the enclosure on which it is mounted, the second via a speakon cable.
Another positive point is the amps do not get hot one iota, even after 15 hours of use!
The only drawback is that the AVM-2 modules are modules mono. It is therefore necessary to acquire two pieces to enjoy stereo sound ...

Did you try many other models before buying it?

Essentially conventional amplifiers in flightcase for a minimum weight of 20kg grade, or by the use of a sound system LDSystem (model Dave) fantastic quality!

How do you rate the quality / price?

A little more expensive than if you bought an amp "classic" if you decide to purchase the two parts (that I made for convenience and for stereo sound) but the price paid is well worth the quality offered!

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Without hesitation. I have also received the second module and mount it in a JBSystems Vibe15SUB MKII!