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Radial Engineering BigShot EFX

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User Reviews

It makes the job!

By Joris BERAUD, 23/07/2014
I bought it a few weeks ago. He found its place on my pedalboard for quick and easy snap two groups effect. One group for my rhythm sound saturated with 2 overdrives, and a Suhr Tone Freak. A second group for my lead sound with a boost Scientist Dr Providence and phaser.

This allows me to not make tap when it comes to press pedals past several solo and even to go clean configuration. This is the first switcher that I use.

Its main feature is that it has no LED. This is an advantage and a defect at a time. A default because on stage, without LED, you would lose. If it was not enough to hear back, we can not know if you have activated a loop or not. An advantage because it does not need power to operate. When you have a pedalboard with 8 pedals or sometimes more like me, and we used all the outputs of the power supply, it is very convenient and it avoids a cable more.

I wanted a simple, robust model, effective and without the need for power. For the price, it does the job really well.

Impec '

By Maltigow, 13/03/2014
I made this acquisition it a month ago, after a long debate on "how to route my pedalboard." I did not find much choice as "double loopers" true-bypass, and I hesitated with DIY.
I am very happy with my purchase in the end. I love the fact that it is passive, cable less! In my case not need leds but I understand that it lacks others. I put 10 despite the lack of LED because it is the counterpart liabilities, and if one chooses it knowingly.
It is VERY strong, I was surprised by its weight. Perfectly transparent, no noise, the size is ideal for a pedalboard ... Possible to use switches separately without aim, also possible to bump the two one shot needed.
My use: Comp / Wah / Buffer in Loop 1, Loop 2 used A / B box to my Fuzz Face or to other OD.
I do not regret my choice and recommend the brand.

8oris's review

By 8oris, 20/08/2010
§ § What are the effects, types of effects available? § §
This is a pedal with 2 parallel loops.
Link Builder (with full details):

§ § What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) § §
Fully analog. Passive: it works without any electricity.

§ § Are they editable? Via a publisher Mac / PC? § §

§ § What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) § §
1 input, 1 output and 2 parallel loops.

§ § Is it a rack or rack-mount model? § §

§ § The general configuration is simple? § §
Yes if we know why we bought this pedal. You plug the guitar in the entry, or other amp in the output. As for the loops, they can be used at our discretion either 1 or the 2 or the 1 and 2.
The two loops differ: the 2 can be transferred when it is activated (use with a tuner).
There is also a switch Ground / Lift which overcomes the problems of masses in handy if your pedal is capricious.

As noted in the Notice of Dbman is true that lack of LEDs indicating if the loops are enabled or not, but for me it is not discriminating especially if it prevents the pedal to be non-passive (and therefore potentially generate noise), but it could be a system of LED with solar, it would have been funky and not worse ... For that, I would not put that 8 / 10

§ § Editing of sounds and effects is easy? § §
Not applicable.

§ § The manual is clear and sufficient? ...§§

§ § Effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough? § §
This pedal is a pedal with a useful purpose is precisely not to act on her! It's true-bypass, which is true of "click-clack" when you press the switch.

§ § Which instruments do you use? § §
In loop 2 I put a Boss TU3, and loop 1 modulation effects (Ibanez FL9, Boss DC3). I plug the pedals after winning.

§ § Which ones do you prefer, you hate? § §
Not Applicable

§ § How long do you use? § §
1 week

§ § What thing do you like most/least about it? § §
Not Applicable The best: The ease of handling, robust and streamlined appearance, whether passive

§ § Did you try many other models before buying it? § §
No no.

§ § What is your opinion about the value for the price? § §
I have not tested the Lehle which are more expensive but, I have not felt like myself have been at value for money

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
With my little experience of the loopers without hesitation.

Very good on paper, confirmed in practice. Small, passive selectable or 2 loops added up to 100, it costs less expensive than tap class or make an Whammy True-Bypass!;)

Dbman's review

By Dbman, 03/07/2010
This is a loop in case of true bypass. True bypass means when the loop is not activated, the input signal passes directly through the pedal without being modified. Many pedals (BOSS example are not true bypass, and therefore potentially the signal is changed when the pedal is not activated, which is a source of buzz, breath, loss of signal and other disagreements, especially with Aging pedal or when multiple pedals are chained).

The BigShot allows thus to activate the effects in the selected loop, and not through the effects loop if not selected. From there, sort uses are possible:
1 - avoid the hum / general breath at rest
2 - Enable multiple effects
3 - turn off the effect a bit noisy at rest (breath, buzzz, ...) when not in use and the disruption of other effects.

Two switches, there is no simpler.

The problem is, however, we do not know if a loop is enabled or not. And if you're a little dizzy or clumsy, it was soon having a loop on or off without knowing it. It would not cost much to add an LED Radial Loop! That's what I did: I was tired to begin with the distal parts cleans and flanger or reverse activated! Moreover, in concert, as the return that has sound, it does not always perceives the disaster now! it is well worth a "poor".

Because it's true bypass, and the pedal does nothing for her and that is exactly what he asks is always very well!

Ideal tool for those who use multiple effects simultaneously, or have problems of buzz on a couple of pedals to isolate the rest.

I modified mine with two LEDs that can catch the defect mentioned above. To keep the true bypass, I also changed the original switches, which lacked a contact. All walks with a 9 volt battery lasts forever because LEDs consume very little. I did not have to change the case (except the holes for LEDs) because there was enough room inside.

So, I put 10 to this section, since the defect is corrected! (Otherwise I would have put 4 because frankly, the lack of indication is really annoying).
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  • Added in our database on: 04/13/2007

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