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Favorite guitar rigs on amplitube (or other amp sims) - forum IK Multimedia Amplitube 3

Just wondering if any of you have specific rigs or setups that you like for certain applications (i.e. funk, rock, metal, etc). Certain setups that do a great job of cutting through a mix. Pedals/cabs/etc, just any certain setups that can help guys like myself spend a little less time searching and more time jamming :)
Wow, that's a tough question, because there are so many rig possibilities in amp sims like AmpliTube and Guitar Rig. For clean sounds in AmpliTube 3, I like the '65 Twin Reverb model, which is part of the (separately purchased) AmpliTube Fender collection. For crunchy and distorted sounds, there are so many options that I don't have a clear favorite. A place you might want to check is IK Multimedia's "Preset XChange," which is web page (accessed from your IK User Area page) where people upload and download presets that they've designed.

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