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User Review

Ibanez GRX 170 - Reviews Ibanez GRX170

Got this as a second guitar for gigs/teaching from amazon. I'm on a fairly tight budget (which i seem to spend all of on musical stuff), and paid 160 quid for it.

Fairly good sound for the price. Good neck - easy to play. The wilkinson style bridge is a little better than the trashy strat copies that most super strats have. The colour ("jewel" blue, allegedly) is rocking!

The standard machine heads are horrendous. Kluson style budget copies that cost about 3 pounds from most instrument shops. Swapped them for some grover locking tuners that i had lying around. The tuning stability and intonation had to be set up properly when i got it, because the thing just wouldn't stay in tune, and the 12th fret octaves were totally out, but a bit of adjusting at the bridge sorted that out.

The guitar has a solid agathis body, which, although not the best, is a whole lot better than most cheap electrics. The hardware (apart from the machine heads) is all pretty sturdy. The neck is great - standard Ibanez 42mm width, which makes it easy to fret - especially when you're playing quicker stuff. The output jack has a tendency to come loose, but that happens to my schechter too, and that was a ot more expensive.

A pretty good guitar for the money. Don't expect it to be perfect, but with a little work, it'll be just as good as something 50 quid more expensive.

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