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User Review

One amazing amp - Reviews Fender Twin Reverb "Silverface" [1968-1982]

Fender twin reverb is one of the most highly used and recognizable Fender amps ever created. It has a great clean usable tone that is great for pretty much any kind of music. Unless you're playing metal or drop tuning hard rock music in this amplifier will work and pretty much any circumstance. It has a fantastic tone and absolute remarkable voicing that is able to take petals extremely well. This amplifier comes with two 12 inch speakers and 80 W of power. Is extremely loud and is good for any gig up to a decent size theater.


It basically has two channels even though they're not foot switchable as you would think of modern amplifier to be. Most modern amps have two channels are foot switchable and usually have one for the clean and one for the game side of the amplifier. This one is basically the reverb and tremolo and the other side is basically just a normal channel. You don't have a middle EQ knob so you can't really dial in the midsection but this amplifier was created back in those days where the low-end and high-end were the most used tones because it was in a high gain amplifier. This is it a clean amplifier and you're knot going to need too much midrange section as much as you would when you have a lot of distortion and you need to cut through the band next. So when you use this with a decent tube screamer or or overdrive pedal you're not really didn't need to beds as much as you would with the marshal amp hygiene amplifier.


These amps are pretty easy to dial in and it doesn't really take a genius to figure out. It sounds fantastic when coupled with a good overdrive pedal and delay pedal. It's a basic set up in a basic design and doesn't take a whole lot of time that dial in a decent time for pretty much any music that you're going to use it with.

I really like the tone is guitar amp when you couple with the Fender Stratocaster or telecaster guitar. Using a good overdrive pedal it in a delay pedal breed of course paddle you can get some great rock and pop tones for this amplifier. It has a natural vintage tone to it that is better than the newer reissues that sender is manufacturing today. The tone of it has a nice glassy warm feel that gives a rich vintage feeling invoicing. It's highly contagious when you get this thing cranking up to loud loud volumes.


I highly recommend this amplifier to anyone he needs good clean vintage amplifier and doesn't want to spend a whole lot of money to do it. You can find these on the used market pretty easily and even in the classifieds of some forums or even eBay. Fender made a lot of these amplifiers and you could probably been fine when used cheaper than you can buy a new reissue today. I see needs at the fires go for right around $700 in this market in the used sections of say craigslist or another classifieds. They're great amplifier and when you use it to its abilities the clean tones and nice moderate overdrive tones are some of the best in the world.