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User Review

utopik's review - ENGL E580 Midi Tube Preamp

I tried an early rockshop in Karlsruhe, Germany ...

Programmable guitar preamp year featuring all-tube design:
All knob and button settings May Be Stored to 256 MIDI presets Which are located in. Two banks accessible via different MIDI channels.
2 main sound channels:
Clean and (Soft) are expanded to Lead Crunch and Heavy Lead Gain When The IS switched mode.
Two sound modes: Classic and Modern
for a wide range of musical styles Which, combined with the oven channels, eight basic sounds Delivers unrivaled in quality.
Sound-sculpting three buttons: Bright, Ultra Bright and Clean Bottom
for precision shaping of basic sounds and fine-tuning basic sounds of different tone to the guitars.
4-way passive voicing section, Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble, passive.
Passive tone controls make the MOST of the fantastic tube amp's tone.
Four different EQ bands grant Greater freedom in shaping tone. The EQ alters icts When The characteristic feature contour IS switched.

Contour function:
Influences of the frequency response voicing section and opens up a whole new world of variations of tone-shaping options and for the basic sounds.
Input Gain, variable, with AFC function (Auto Frequency Correction):
Determines the Amount of preamp saturation for Crunch and Lead modes. AFC and Consistency Guarantees tonal balance over the Entire range of the Gain control knob.
Programmable Levels for swift Adjustment and balancing of Overall Levels for all presets.
Non-programmable Levels May Be remote-controlled via an external MIDI volume pedal.
Stereo FX loop, passive, featuring tube circuitry, from 0 to 100% (parallel to serial)
variable and programmable.
For Enhancing the sound spectrum via external stereo effects devices.

Function Preamp Defeat: The guitar signal routed IS Directly to the Effect Send circuit.
OPTIONALLY, preamps or effects processors SEVERAL May Be Addressed separately.
Recording Stereo outputs with programmable speaker simulation Characteristics;
IS output level variable.
The circuit IS Designed to simulate different loudspeaker systems. Stereo 1 / 4 "output for hard disk recording.
Balanced XLR outputs for feeding signals to simulated stereo PA systems.
2 programmable sound shaping features Treble and Bass

All knobs are rotary encoders (360). Currently Displayed are valid settings via 11 LEDs on EACH
knob (rotary encoder). Every programmable control knob's range included 21 steps.
Direct access to Stored settings, easy editing (Changing settings).
Manual mode, non-programmable
In this operating mode, the preamp handles just like Any Conventional amp. special operation modes of the preamp Can Be accessed while Manual mode IS activated.
OPTIONALLY, presets programmed through May Be Write or Copy:
Can Be Entirely programmed presets from scratch or by editing Stored preset year;
Presets Can Be copied from one slot to Another, manual settings copied to a preset, and factory presets copied or edited at will.

4 factory banks with 10 presets each:
Suggested settings May Be Called up and edited freely.
Memory Status Feature (MSF):
Indicate if the preset setting of a has-been changed - Extremely handy tool for editing presets.
Preset Lock function:
Programmed presets May Be Protected Against inadvertent overwriting or editing.
Preset Trash Box: When an Existing preset IS overwritten, the original setting IS loaded to a
Shadow preset. This enable:
To Be Recalled old settings, and access to 256 presets Additional year in the Shadow Bank.
unit check mode:
Let the preamp Introduce the range of STI control knobs and the sound buttons Automatically!
Remote Interface & Interface Download via Com Port (RS232)
Purposes for recording, the preamp May Be remote-controlled via personal computer with the remote control panel software.
Real time access to the controls preamps via the PC.
You Can store your presets on your PC or send sound files via setting the internet.
The internal program May Also Be updated via PC.
A 9 because a VHT GP3 qualizer type t have one more ...


It's no more complicated than a marshall ;-)
The factory presets are gniaux dj!
I do not know about the manual ...


Personally, I'm the big metal, big sound like, but must remain sharp and clear!
On this last point is qu'Engl trs hard ... The sound is really fat but not Bourin for a sub.

I test the pramp with my Jackson DK2 / Dimarzio Fred and Mesa 90/90 power, all on 2 Mesa 4X12 cabinets.

I am looking for an amp that sounds clean me out crystalline and distorted sounds of Meshuggah ...


This is the best test I prampli all levels. Its much more sharp and aggressive as Mesa Triaxis and VHT GP3.

We could find pictures of ugly, but true, the chrome is nice ... Question gots ...

Rglages Single / The gnial / O rec direct compensation filters / low nickel Aiges studio ...

2390 in Germany, not cheaper in France than it is for German as a mark ;-)
It's expensive, but it trs pro, and especially to innovate more than other brand resting on their laurels (Mesa, Marshall, and others).

Only purists s'achteront such that pramp rating 2 wages, but ...
It's excellent, well above what is done elsewhere.