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User Review

Very good stuff! - Reviews Apogee Duet 2

I wanted this card for the Apogee sound in my home studio, at an affordable price for the Apogee. I use Logic Pro for style house, tech-house.

The card design is very functional e sublime (eg you press the big button to change the line / headphone / input etc.), very handy!


The drivers are on my iMac i7, 8 gigabytes of RAM, not always very stable. Disconnects the map alone, the computer recognizes it more. I am obliged to the disconnected and reconnected, sometimes repeatedly.

In six months I had a single update, not very effective.


Easy installation / quick
Config no prob
The manual is primarily on the internet and with Maestro software
No incompatibility


I use it for 6 months. I would say the sound is simply stunning, extremely clear and well known with an atmosphere of Apogee. I had a lot of sound cards before, nothing compares. Here I feel my speakers, KRK Rockit, sing the tracks I play, the sound is addictive. Difficult to move on after the Apogee.

The two lower wholesale are: the number of inputs and outputs (2)
the price. I think it is very expensive for a card with only 2 inputs / outputs.

I would do this but with more choices of entry, the Apogee Ensemble for example, the day the budget will be there ...