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User Review

Simple and efficient - Reviews Apogee Duet 2

I bought this new version of the Duet to replace the older version of the same brand since sold.

I use it with an apple macbook pro 15 '(first generation) Mac OSX 10.7.3 Lion 2.33 GHz / 4 GB of Ram. Uninstall the old version of Apogee Maestro was necessary before installing the new driver.

I connect various guitars: Gibson, G & L, Taylor, Fender Precision bass and to a lesser extent with my microphone AKG 880S.

Faisseau the connectivity of this new version has been modified to use common XLR / Jack male 6.5, it is no worse ...

Another major change: the abandonment of Firewire in favor of USB that I will detail later.


My purpose is that of an amateur although the level is actually the product of professional quality.

I use it with software Garageband and Logic Express, Audacity, etc.

The contribution levels of settings on the device greatly facilitates its use.
My moderate use, I did not notice any defect or improvement on latency.

Level of stability, I noticed an increased sensitivity to static electricity (I explain: if I touch the device after having circulated in the room without getting grounded, there is a residual electric charge which when I touch the Duet 2 disrupts it, then a reset is often necessary. I seldom met this problem on the card with Firewire. Is this related to this case or at least well insulated, I do not know nothing ...)

The impact on the clarity of the sound seems to me obvious and profitable against this new version. I do not see how we could improve on the previous one by passing on the news is to me a level still above in terms of performance despite the USB I thought slower than the FireWire, what I ' hear with the new card I was reassured to have reached the milestone of 2 Duet.


An ultra-simple: a button by running multiple support to pass in turn change the preset you want: you can not easy! This is what I wanted to keep.

The contribution of the LED to indicate the level of adjustment on the device is very interesting.

Some regret that the duet can be noon, personally, I do not use and do not see much use ...

The connector allows the connection of HP and headphones with independent adjustability is nickel.


Purchased since early 2012, after having used the old lot, I do not regret my purchase.

Simply, as stated above, I have to watch the effect associated with static electricity (if I remove a sweater and I touch the card immediately after such ...).

A small regret of the old version is associated with the use of my MacBook Pro: I no longer have a USB input available with Firewire while before this is not the case.

The performances are sound in my "top level" better than the old version. The LED display is definitely a plus in its daily use.