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User Review

Very good sound card - Reviews MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

Using this card in a studio configuration oriented modern music (rap, electro, ...).
In this price range I must admit you get a great result of what I know. I chose this card for one simple reason: the very positive opinion about the ingestion of friends and ultralite 828 lines, and the opening of non digidesign protools to hardwares.
This card is used primarily for voice recording, but also bass, guitar (micro and taken live) ... and so far the sample is perfect. Obviously taken for micro valve using my C-1 Classic as a preamp.


The drivers are not a model of stability but we will say that once it works it does not move and it stops breathing.
Everything works perfectly with Pro Tools is no latency is perceptible.
We perform multi rarely recording, then insufficient experience for a useful critique on the topic.
The interface software is damn good though I rarely use it anymore and the hardware interface is downright lame in my opinion, but it is relative, some will perhaps find logic and say the opposite.


Ouch a note!!
Firmware drivers ..... ..... overall we can consider that Upd of drivers and firmware is useless if a configuration is stable, but provided it is different from the standard configuration the manufacturer we can quickly end up with a repetition of problems that neither the drivers nor the firmware and certainly not the guys at MOTU will not solve.
All so who cares they did not intend to make an Upd software or drivers, let alone want to try to think of maybe one day think about a possible firmware Upd. In fact about it, it took me a little over a month to run this card.
It turns out that the USB is not efficient and creates inadvertent disconnection of the card and / or prevents the card just to play the audio (this is the great feature Hybrid!). So, be aware that a port FIREWIRE is mandatory to use it (in most cases) ..... but not any FireWire port, the port must be the chipset brand TEXAS INSTRUMENT (and a another brand rather rare, do not really remember), but this ... not work ....
In this case my Firewire ports that have not functioned and SAV not taking the trouble to read my request, I saw that there was on E-Bay Firewire PCI card with TI chipset sold in order to fill lack of skills of MOTU on monitoring of its products. So much for the info :)


Boh it is used for less than a year, and once the galley of outdated config must confess this is a monster in its class, especially with respect to cards that I've experienced before.
It has really interesting features and allows many configurations according to specific scenarios, but it's so specific that a notice would be too personal, I counsel rather read the doc directly to the manufacturer's website.
And frankly if it were to do again I would buy again but not without a TI chipset PCI FIREWIRE, or not without a threatening letter to the Technical Director of MOTU choice ....