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User Review

Good interface - Reviews MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

Value For Money : Excellent
I chose this interface for its number of inputs / outputs (10 and 10) and also 2 inputs / outputs Adat

I use it for recording voice or instrument. It is coupled with a pre Focusrtite in Octo ADAT and various pre-tube amps to analog (SPL, Art, Focusrite, TLA ....)


I use it on my pc with usb Win XP Pro 64bit and Nuendo 4. No stability problem drivers except that XP wants to re-install every time you start while they are there. Another bug, I do not know to the Motu as the default so the player does not work in Windows. It does not matter since I do not use it ... :-)

I do not do multi-track recording so I can not speak to the number of tracks that may have ...

Low latency in the order of 4/6 ms and I can still go down ...


Installation without any problem if it is the one quoted above. Of course I updated the firmware and drivers.

It has the ability to quickly record a track but it is not an interface to put in the hands of a beginner I think. It took me a few tries and some reading / re-reading the manual to get to the set as I wanted. That said, this is my first Motu, maybe someone familiar with their philosophy was faster than me :-)

Cuemix software provides control inputs / outputs and make the mix without a host software. Thereupon the manual is not very clear either. I do not think I have explored the entirety of its possibilities ...


I use it for 5 months, I tried some other sound card as Tascam 1648, 144 ... We are in another world with the Motu, maybe not top notch but it is close.

I love the routing options: I'm using the console "control room" Nuendo 4 stereo sends musicians to talk back system with each consignment controlled by a foot pedal to keep your hands free .. :-)
The number of analog and digital inputs are more than enough and you can easily end up with 26 inputs via ADAT and 2 analog which is enough for a recording studio ..

I do not like this conflicts with the Windows Media Player but it's still a good detail for me

I got 600 € from Thomman in "B-Stock" instead of € 780. Very good quality / price ratio in this case :-)