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User Reviews

A must for the serious

By Domi-D, 27/09/2013
It is a dynamic hypercardioid microphone (directional) dedicated low fréquances (bass amp, bass, bass drum etc ...).
I use it mainly for the sound recordings of my bass amp, but also for transplanting live.
The metal body is of good quality and relatively small size. Aesthetically pleasing, fairly original form, but it is anecdotal.


I use it for 2 years, it is the first and only such micro I have. I needed this type of product for the uses mentioned above. I do not regret my choice. The record is clear and warm, knowing that his forte is serious, while not leaving much to the side, the beaches of mediums. When the acute, difficult to judge in this sector through its use.
It perfectly captures the sound out of amp, even at high volume, while avoiding "pollution" sound around.
Supplied with a specific clip, although the high price is correct with respect to quality.

best micro transplanting low

By Bamzy, 02/08/2012
dynamic, very small


I tried the Beta 52, D6, akg D112, Sm 57,

of all is that which retains both the bass without being rough (goodbye D112), maintains a good accuracy and good dynamic in the IR and acute diums (goodbye beta 52) and is especially very linear (goodbye D6)

bass amp sounds as is, coupled with an ID you get what?
your bass sound, that of your amp (it's not bad is not it)

for me the reference transplanting bass amp, after battery not tested ;)


By Kierkes, 29/10/2011
The Audix D4 is a dynamic microphone designed for use with instruments. It has a frequency response that is tailored to use with lower instruments, and Audix advertises the Audix D4 as being great on a kick drum, a bass amp, and any other low instruments due to its "flat, linear, response." The microphone has a hypercardioid pickup pattern, and it is capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 144 dB.

It also boasts many of Audix's signature taglines for its microphones. The D4 has a proprietary anti feedback design, isolates each instrument's "sweet spot," and has a very low mass diaphragm to improve its transient response. It also has exceptional feedback and off axis rejection, and it built very ruggedly, so that it is capable of taking a trashing or a beating. The microphone itself does admittedly look a little bit cheap, not quite keeping in line with many of Audix's other microphones. However, this is entirely deceptive, and the ruggedness of these microphones does in fact hold true to Audix's claims, completely contrary to what one may expect when seeing this microphone. The D4 has a frequency response from 40 Hz to 18,000 Hz, and is very much like the D2 in that it is under 4 inches long and weighs just over a quarter of a pound.


The Audix D4, in use, has that thunderous sound that one may expect from an Audix drum microphone, and this one is particular keeps it tight and clean. It sounds a little bit oxymoronic, but the truth is, the Audix D4 has the special unquantifiable something that makes the microphone very versatile, especially in the studio. It gives you that big sound, but does not make it impossible to tone it down by coloring it.

I can without hesitation recommend the Audix D4 to anyone who wants just a little more oomph out of their drums but is just slightly afraid of the muddiness that usually comes with that oomph.

Viguier's review

By Viguier, 14/01/2010
Micro Dynamics is dedicated to making tom bass and other bass amp ...

It should be noted that it is not very big, as the whole range, and with bent wires from the same brand, one arrives at microphones have "bass" (often large and / or long) enough short . It's pretty significant when space is limited ...

This mic is very solid, even more than the Shure range "Beta" ...

It is also part of a battery pack Audix, which together made up a set of microphones very consistent ...


I have been using 3 / 4 years.
At first they gave me a set DP5 with different overheads (that's upscale!).

When we started making plays, it was realized that the floor tom had never sounded so good "as is" without any adjustment of EQ or compression is applied to him ...

Like the other mics in this range battery, it has its own sound, quite punchy and clean, perfect for rock and pop <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" />

The value for money when buying opportunity for the whole package was quite astounding, in the 600 Euros, you can imagine what I had at that price in other brands, even occasion ...

Strongly recommended to save time and save a bit compared to other brands <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" />

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