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User reviews on Inboard bass preamp products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Fishman - Pro-EQ Platinum Bass)

By Audiofanzine FR, 07/12/2008
(Originally written by Le Grand Flandrin/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Solid state

XLR output with phantom power. 5-band EQ, optical compressor, depth control.

It's a high-class device without useless gimmicks and with a beautiful sound.


Easy to use. I use it with a double bass and David Gage's Realist pickup and it sounds awesome. Clear user's manual. It's also great with an electric bass especially for studio applications.


Designed specially for double bass. Mine sounds very good with this pickup and this preamp.


One year. Of course I would buy it again.

super preamp !! (Retrovibe Basses - Retrovibe Stinger Bass EQ)

By trevellin, 21/08/2014
low internal preamp to install.
This preamp is a reproduction of the preamp 2 band (bass and treble) of the famous musicman stingray pre-ernie ball.


no manual for assembly, but 2 or 3 brief explanations available on ebay and the site of david;
you can ask questions directly to David for all mounting worries ..


this preamp, it does its job !!
my bass is a reproduction of a musicman saber with mahogany body, one neck pickup Bartolini musicman replacement and basslines musicman stingray SMB4D kind; as saying that this configuration is ideal for welcome this preamp !!
Once mounted, it's really good !!
it was really the sound of a stingray musicman; what a modern well (which I do not particularly like !!) but recognizable from 1000 !!
little more compared to a standard stingray; I have the neck pickup is really good transcribed in its sound character; I have the sound of a precision and a stingray if I want !!


I installed it today and I am satisfied !!
I usually preamps, and he is really true to the sound of your instrument !!
I have in the past mounted a aguilar OBP-3 and it is not comparable in terms of price and versatility !!
the aguilar is much more versatile and can play with any !!
Finally, I highly recommend this preamp to love the sound of the stingray and also to lovers of the fender to magnify their low; they will not be disappointed !!

Fishman , as good as any for Double bass (Fishman - Pro-EQ Platinum Bass)

By tradcab, 09/05/2017
I use this as my preferred double bass pre amp. I also use a headway on occasion. The Fishman is the quickest to set up and adjust on the fly and I have always got a great sound out of my 50 year old Hoffmann bass in any amp I have used it with. They are alas no longer made, but if you can find a used one I think you should buy it, as in their price range there is nothing better and even much more expensive pre amps won't beat it in my opinion.