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User Review

Darktux's review - Lâg Roxanne Classic

Lag Roxanne Classic is a guitar made in France. Typical configuration greatly inspires gibson double cuts: 22 boxes, 2 doubles and split it possde, 2 volumes and Tone gnrale. Nothing but "classic" in short. The body consists of a pice of mahogany on which a glue table Saddle flame of beauty.


The handle varnish, al is not of type "buche cut in two". It remains exploitable THE FIRST dernire the box. The frets are well finished, no n'accroche. Agree or solo, this guitar gives me qu'entire satisfaction.

Although balance, it is not too heavy. The body has two bevels, one for the forearm and the other the rear for those who cultivate the abs fawn chocolate bar melted.

The pickups are two base "lag custom". I have replaced the microphone by an acute SH4 Jeff Beck for more bodies. The sustain is to go, the big sounds are easy to obtain. I note just a lack of lightweight lens when it splits the pickups to the agreements or arpges. I miss one DEFINITIONS nothing but nothing serious. Ow at the same time is not a telecaster.


If it suits my style of music? yes yes and yes. Notes Santana sing the big fawn fawn's Black Label Society through Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, these are the sounds I was looking for.

For the moment it is plugged into a 2.0 pod that feeds a marshall MG15, pending the purchase of my little Laney VC15.


This is a guitar that I bought in 2000 and then I dlaiss guitar for a while. Now that I gives me, only happiness. The table Saddle flame is beautiful sounds are warm, powerful Defines.

This is a guitar factory in France, the perfect finish. Before I bought the Ibanez possd 3 including a 7-string that I sold to buy this Lag. And I was right.

I take the guitar is an instrument that gives me only happiness. If the catalog still silent, I may be Rasht but my prior is the amp for now.