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User reviews on MIDI Plug-in products

freeware! (AnalogX - Arpeggiator [Freeware])

By stompboxjon, 05/04/2012
The AnalogX Arpeggiator is a free software that you can download and start using in no time. It works wonders for people who like to arp instruments. Its actually better than most standard arps that come in programs and best of all its free and will work great with your software. If you don’t understand how arps operate you could have a few learning problems with this software. You have to understand how arps work and how they use steps. This plug in looks pretty basic to us who use arps a lot and understand them.


The AnaologX Arpeggiator ran great on my Toshiba Satellite laptop when I was using it in FL Studio 8. My laptop is not that fast at all and isn’t up to day but the Arpeggiator still ran great and caused no problems when installing it or when running it with multiple instances. I would use it to arp 2 different instrument synths at the same time and it would work great.


Overall, its very good to use this software and not have to worry about it crashing on you. Most Freeware plug ins have a lot of issues and bugs and they wont work right with your program. But that is no issue with this one. The AnalogX Arpeggiator will allow you to do a lot with the arps and give you total control over the arp. Unlike most built in arps that come in programs you don’t have total control over how the arp operates but this will surprise you. You have nothing to lose with this software, its free. Download it and give it a shot. If you don’t like it you can always un install it and no harm done. But im suree you will like it. So download it and see what the buzz is about you. You will be shocked on how good this free program actually is.

control your parameters (Sonicbytes - ERA)

By stompboxjon, 05/04/2012
The Sonicbytes ERA is a really good mid step sequencer and arp plug in. You can used multiple instruments, I think 12. You can use them in a very unique way that most programs wont allow you to use them in. One thing that really sticks out with this software is that you can use it for live performance and it can do wonders for you. The ERA can hold a bunch of different patterns and each one of them can take up to 15 or 16 different variations.


I ran it on my dual core running windows vista and it works just fine. I think I maybe had one back crash with it when it froze and I had to do a hard restart (pushing the power button) But besides that it worked fine. I really don’t feel the need for this though because I have other softwares that can do the same thing and some. As I said before, using it live would be the only reason I would use this consistently.


Overall, for the price of it its worth a try. Just not my cup of tea. Not saying its not good because its very good. I just have so many different software’s and plug ins that do the same as this and allow to do a lot more. So I really don’t have a use for this like I do the other programs. But If I was doing more live stuff I would def. have this in my arsenal and use it a lot. You will have a lot of control over your parameters (velocity, swing, delay and gates) with this software. So if those things are important to you , then you will love this software. Start using it right away, its very easy to set up and start using. No learning curve!

Love the Leveler (MOTU - MasterWorks Collection)

By mrjason, 29/12/2012
The MOTU MasterWorks collection is a software plug-ins suite that I use in Cubase and Pro Tools. The EQ has 5 bands that you can use to filter with. I love using this EQ because it has presets to give you a vintage analog sound. Sometimes you can just use a preset as it is and make no changes and it will give you a great sound that is ready to be used on your master.


The MasterWorks Leveler is a plug-in that comes in this collection, I prefer to use it more on guitar tracks and maybe even some instruments that are a little more aggressive because this Leveler will just clean everything up and use some minor compression to get it just right. You will also be able to do everything manual on your own if you do not want to use a preset.


The ProVerb is the reverb application that comes with it, and I have many other plug-ins that give better reverb options than this one does so I do not spend much time on it. You can however choose from many presets of different room types like stages, halls, cathedrals and many more. It just reminds me too much of a stand reverb that comes in Ableton Live or Fl Studio. There is just nothing that stands out to me.
Installing the plug-ins that come with this collection does not take long at all and each plug-in is easy to use and no manual is needed. You can use an iLok with this if you choose but you should make sure that you are using OS X 10.5 or higher because my older Macbook could not handle these properly and they gave me issues when installing. But setting them up takes no effort just load up the disk and give it a couple of minutes and you will be using them in no time. The Leveler is by far the best plug-in out of the three.

News MIDI Plug-in

Cableguys update MidiShaper and PanCake 2

Published on 12/09/15
Cableguys has updated MidiShaper to version 1.5 and Pancake 2 to v2.3, and offers special promo prices until after Christmas.

Epic SoundLab releases Octacontrol

Published on 04/09/15

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