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User Review

magic - Reviews Marshall Class 5 Head

Head lamps 5 (large) Watts Class A 2 ECC 83, 1 EL84, three bands equalizer (more effective than usual marshall) a volume for the front ... the rear exit 8 or 16 ohms, and headphone. In short, the strict necessary.


Configuration could not be more simple, useless manual, the sound is always good!!


Suited to my style of music that is the big blues rock, hard rock short of Bonnamassa to gunsn'roses through zz top and AC / DC.
I played with a gibson les paul traditionnal micro Seymour Duncan Slash siganture, passes by a pedal board (whawha cry baby, octa fuzz MXR, Xotic AC booster, dual balckstar HT, MXR boost etc ...) the head is the great cited overdrive ...


---- After 15 days of testing I can finally give an opinion. I already said that this is my second head 5 watt lamps ... I had a blackheart little giant 5W. And even if it is a very good amp, I do not regret .... we are not in the same budget!!
----- Sound: Very organic, that's what pretty much sums up the rendering .... I connect the head to the house in an old Marshall cabinet with 1 X 12 HP greenback 25 W. And here I must say that it is happiness. HP ideal in my opinion.
I play Gibson les paul with seymour micro Duncun Salsh siganture. With volume less than 2, we are clear sounds pretty cool, even if it is not his forte. must enter the zone 3 to 5 really enjoy the best of the head, then you must know how to play with the old volume knobs. Between 3 and 5 sound is thick and warm, we are in the registry led zep AC / DC ...
---- I am more than satisfied that this head ... for 300 euros, I have a great basic sound that swells as I need with "good" overdrive pedals ...
----- This head serves me home with an attenuator P & P (nickel) and rehearsal is connected on a 4 X 12 (marshall in G or harley benton 12-65 V 30) and even with a drummer banging hard, the volume at 4-5, I'm very limit! solo and with the boost to +8 db, I spent nickel above the mix .... I have yet to test but in concert in bars, the fact that nickel ... Just do not need too its clear, because even if the amp is responsive to volume, it is less responsive than my marshall 2466 head, which is really great!
----- Short for big sound hot sauce Blues hard rock, not too strong, not heavy, easy to carry (especially the head, if it has a baffle in a local association ...) A must see!! damage that has stopped its manufacture marshall!!
---- You just think about investing in a good reverb pedal, because the sound is a little dry ....