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User Review

The Marshall sound, true! - Reviews Marshall Class 5 Head

All lamps, a jack and a headphone input behind. 5 watts, but only 90% of musicians. Input for speaker 8 or 16 ARO. No reverb damage.
It grows stronger, watts to spare!


Here, we will make fast: low, medium and high-pitched. Volume and the rest is all.
To get the sound that goes well, you also have to play with the knobs on his guitar, like the good old days. It is simple and subtle at the same time.


A very nice clear, warm, round in the first quarter, then a crunch dense and precise finish in a tough distortion but losing accuracy in measurement quel'on up the volume.
I play a Gibson Les Paul standard equipped with humbuckers and a gorgeous Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe 50 equipped with simple microphones, fender american vintage.

In both cases, nothing to say with this marshall head with a soft spot with Gibson.

It accepts pedals well, but I'm more of a fan of "plug and play".
I have a PROCO Dirty Rat, and there it sends severe without flinching, that little head Marshall is doing very well again.


Plugged into a Marshall 4x12 cabinet, it is expressed even better. Sound UNIQUE need absolutely love if it's a disaster. No versatility in sound, it is simply THE Marshall sound, but when you love ............